Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap

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Ahhhh! The full moon approaches… Bo Nui loses her mind… Soo Ho steps it up… these are a few of the ingredients of episode 6. It was good; it was great even. But it was beyond frustrating in many areas. What happens in the following episodes could either make or break the show. We are reaching the tipping point now (or at least it feels like it). This can’t be right – we’re on episode 6. We will see how they handle the progressing storyline.  In the meantime, let’s take a closer look specifically at episode 6.

Here’s the breakdown.


Where We Left Off

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Gary

The episode begins by backtracking a bit to the final scene from the previous episode. Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk) overheard Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) respond to So Hoo’s (Ryoo Joon Yeol) telephone call asking her to meet him outside. Gary goes outside and listens in on their conversation.

Soo Ho is really upset over the thought of being used. Soo Ho takes it very personally. Gary listens in on their conversation and can’t handle hearing Soo Ho upset with Bo Nui anymore. Gary swoops in ushering her away. But first, he gets one good jab in to So Hoo before leaving.

You can really see jealousy in Gary’s eyes in this scene in particular. He does not like Soo Ho one bit. Not even slightly. They did not get off on the right foot and it’s only getting worse. Jealousy is not a great look for Gary. He’s usually really nice, but he has a zero bullshit tolerance.

Bo Nui is going crazy and wants to have the chance to talk it out with Soo Ho.

Soo Ho is in his car and sees Bo Nui coming towards him. I must have been super naive to think that he would hear her out at the beginning of this episode because he’s not having it and drives away.

To Text or Not to Text

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui


Bo Nui feels terrible and tries to find the right words to text to Soo Ho.. but she keeps erasing them. So Hoo, on the other hand, is waiting for Bo Nui to text him and it’s driving him a little mad. Well, it did also look like he was going to text her. He doesn’t know. He’s being tremendously cute, like a kid, waiting to hear from his crush… but the text never comes.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho on bed

When he thought she was calling though, and leaped for the phone, that was hilarious. The disappointment in his face was priceless.

You can’t blame Bo Nui though for not sending the text. Soo Ho is the one that drove away. If you ask me, he should be the one to send her a message to break the ice. Soo Ho is so torn by this whole thing and really doesn’t like the thought that he was being used. His heart was stirred and now he appears to have a schoolboy crush… but a muddle one that’s still unclear.

Bo Nui Practices her Explanation

Lucky Romance Episode 6 Bo Nui

Bo Nui pretends that the wall is Soo Ho and tells the wall about her reason for searching and wanting to seduce and bed a tiger. She speaks freely to the wall and tells it that her sister has been in a coma for the past two years and the accurate Shaman told her if she does this her sister will wake up.

We don’t see the wall at first… so we slightly wonder if she’s confessing this to him, but as viewers we are pretty sure she’s practicing on something.. and sure enough it’s the wall.

Gary Continues to Refuse the IF Game

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Gary

Amy (Lee Chung Ah) asks Gary again to reconsider and join IF but he doesn’t budge. Soo Ho shows up at Gary’s and Amy tries to figure out a) how do they know each other and b) what’s with this bizarre tension.

I really laugh at the expressions Gary makes when people are trying to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do. He hears them out.. but he makes these sad puppy dog faces. It’s really funny.

They all go to a Café so they can talk some more. Gary flat out tells Soo Ho that he doesn’t want to work with someone that he doesn’t like. Gary leaves, and Amy explains to Soo Ho she was in the process of trying to convince Gary. Soo Ho tells her that he has to leave because he has somewhere to go.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Graphics of Gary Choi

Back at the office, the employees are diligently working away, when Soo Ho enters and notifies them they will have a decision from Gary tomorrow. He says for them to prepare a scenario without Gary in case he refuses.  Ga Seung Hyun (Cha Se Young) is quite annoyed becuase she has been working hard on Gary’s character and will need to create alternate graphics.

Bo Nui’s Tiger Hunt Gets Real

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui

Redfishnets chacha starts sending Bo Nui messages and naked pics at work. She gets flustered when she runs into Soo Ho, drops her phone and he sees the naked body part. He tries to play it cool, acting like he doesn’t care at all. He tells her again to try and get Gary on board with the game.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho

So Hoo tries to carry on with his work day, but he is very distracted by the fact that Bo Nui is starting to go on “one-on-ones”. Truth is, he’s not okay with it at all. He is in fact very concerned for Bo Nui. She’s continuously consuming more and more of his mind.

Gary Finally Joins IF

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho

Bo Nui announces that she needs to leave the office for a bit, so worried Soo Ho follows her. He disguises himself to see who she is going to meet (thinking it’s some weird stranger) while staying undetected. It turns out she went to meet with Gary so she can make her final plea for him to join IF. Soo Ho realizes this is what she’s doing so he slips out without being noticed (but came pretty close to being spotted by Gary). Soo Ho… you are wearing the same clothes silly. If it was Bo Nui that glanced in your direction instead of Gary, you would have been spotted for sure. 

Meanwhile Amy tries to think of how she will convince Gary to join IF, since it’s vital to her that she remain close to Soo Ho. She gets a sudden call from Soo Ho to come see her. She goes to meet him and is surprised to see that Gary is there and ready to sign a deal. She has no clue how this happened, but it is what she wanted after all. Things become even more surprising for Amy when she notices Bo Nui and finds out that she works there.

Lucky ROmance Kdrama Episode 6 Gary Amy and Bo Nui

Not only that, but both Gary and Soo Ho want Bo Nui present in the boardroom as Soo Ho makes a brief game presentation. Bo Nui’s coworkers all look so impressed by Bo Nui’s connection to Gary. Bo Nui saved the day.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui Gary and Amy

Gary makes it clear in front of Soo Ho and Amy that Bo Nui is the reason that he has agreed to join the project. Soo Ho states that he is fully aware that he is the reason, and Bo Nui looks quite surprised.

All Things Chicken Related

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Yang Hee Ae

Soo Ho’s mom figures out where Ahn Young Il (Jung In Gi) can be found. It makes me wonder how she ended up with her current husband. They seem stuck together and mostly indifferent towards each other. Her heart is doing somersaults for her old flame.

She ventures over to his Chicken restaurant only to run into our Bo Nui. Young Hee looks curious as she watches Bo Nui interact with Young Il, but then quickly leaves as Bo Nui’s coworkers show up.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 restaurant coworkers

The coworkers, drink and eat, discussing their upcoming all nighters to prepare for their Big IF demonstration in 4 days. Soo Ho then, nonchalantly walks in, in his ever so casual, not the least bit awkward way (yea right). Soo Ho tells everyone that they don’t need tom come into work tomorrow, and they are ecstatic. They all drink and Soo Ho puts down the beer, and chugs the water instead (funny Soo Ho). This really makes Bo Nui smile.

The Evening Walk

Lucky Romance Kdrama Epside 6 Soo Ho and Bo Nui

When everyone leaves the restaurant, Soo Ho and Bo Nui have some time alone, as they walk along the street. Soo Ho tells her to come out tomorrow and explains that they still have time left in their contract dating. Bo Nui tries telling him that it is not necessary but he insists. I think she was trying to get out of it because she needs to concentrate on finding a tiger that will have her fast, but in the end she really doesn’t have any choice but to go.

Fortune Tellers

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho and Bo Nui

Soo Ho brings Bo Nui to a series of fortune tellers. He challenges each mystic and even stumps them quite a bit. This is So Ho’s attempt to show Bo Nui how fortune tellers and superstitions in general cannot be trusted. Bo Nui realizes what Soo Ho is trying to do and tells him she will not change her mind. She acknowledges that there are fakes out there, but explains that her personal opinion will not be swayed. Soo Ho wants her to see that it doesn’t make sense. They get no where really. He doesn’t manage to convince her with logic.

Danger Danger

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Tiger

Bo Nui’s judgement is so clouded and her focus is 100% on having her sister wake up. Bo Nui goes to meet a man from online only to have Soo Ho sweep in as stop her. She ids the man who is sitting in his car, and before Bo Nui can leave with him Soo Ho threatens to call the cops. The man freaks out and takes off. Thank goodness he did. It turns out that not only was he wanting to sleep with her, but there were two other men hiding in the car. Bo Nui would have been in serious danger, and completely helpless as three men were going to have their way with her. They would have completely overpowered her. But of course, she’s blinded by the fact that what she was about to do is utterly stupid, or refuses to acknowledge it. Instead she gets very upset with Soo Ho for interfering. Like come on Bo Nui… what good are you to your sister if she wakes up and you are dead? Get a grip on reality.

Soo Ho Needs advice

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Ryang Ha

Soo Ho has another hang out with his buddy and confidante, Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon). He ends up voicing his concerns for Bo Nui and her obsession with superstitions. Ryang Ha thinks a certain level of superstition is normal and not anything to worry about. Soo Ho goes on to explain that with Bo Nui it is a problem and he doesn’t know what she will do next. The level of his worry is very evident. Ryang Ha is surprised because he has never seen Soo Ho worried about anyone before, ever.

Girl Bye

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui in dress

After the successful demonstration, Bo Nui prepares for her next “date” to land herself a tiger. She’s looking absolutely stunning in her dress, but the scene is uncomfortable as we anticipate the inevitable danger lying ahead. As she puts on the finishing touches of her makeup in the washroom, her phone rings. Soo Ho, who just removed his earplugs, overhears Bo Nui’s conversation from the men’s washroom. He sees her leave and begins to panic and quickly goes to follow her.

Amy sees him on his way out and tries to converse with him. He is so distracted by Bo Nui, that he drops the honorifics with Amy without even realizing. Amy misinterprets this and believes he’s feeling more comfortable with her and that she is making progress.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui with stranger

The worry on Soo Ho’s face is clear as he follows Bo Nui. He’s acting on autopilot right now. He witnesses Bo Nui enter a motel with her “date”. Soo Ho remembers Bo Nui’s words to him about not interfering. He considers her words carefully. He decides that maybe it is best if he leaves since he can’t really stop her, and she is going to do what she wants to do. Just then, he sees two other very suspicious looking men following in after them, looking extremely shady. Alarms go off in Soo Ho’s mind. He needs to know what exactly they are up to and to find a way to stop them.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho spies

Sure enough, those two perverts are planning something with the one guy that Bo Nui is currently in with. Soo Ho overhears their conversation and sees them hand off a bag.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui in her Bathrobe

Following this scene Bo Nui is in her robe and preparing for the moment of truth, her bedding a tiger to save her sister. The anxiety on her face cannot be denied. She begins hiding a series of talismans but is caught by the creepy stranger tiger. He comes on way to strong and Bo Nui gets really freaked out, having second thoughts. He is very forceful with her, but thankfully at that moment the police come barging in.

We have Soo Ho to thank for the swift and timely arrival of the police officers. The police find many hidden cameras and arrest the perpetrator promptly. Bo Nui can only witness this scene unfold. She seems a combination of horrified and detached from the situation.

Gary’s also worried

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Gary worries about Bo Nui

Gary knows that Bo Nui is on the hunt for the tiger.. but his mind thinks of Soo Ho rather than a stranger. He tries to track her down. What of course Gary doesn’t realize is, if it wasn’t for Soo Ho she actually would have been in big trouble.

What’s going to happen?

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 ending scene

The final scene we cut to before the truth or dare segment is Bo Nui entering the hospital, still in her magnificent dress, only to find Soo Ho standing there. What’s going to happen guys? Has Bo Nui found her tiger just before the end of the full moon? Will Soo Ho agree this time?

Truth or Dare

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho listens to Bo Nui

The truth or dare this episode was super significant and I’m glad it happened. This episode’s truth or dare reveals that in fact Soo Ho was their and did hear every word Bo Nui had to say about why she is hunting for a tiger. He knows about her sisters coma and that the shaman says the only way for her to wake up is by sleeping with a tiger. After this reveal, we see another scene in the truth or dare segment where Soo Ho actually goes to the hospital to see Bo Nui’s sister. This definitely confirms in his mind, that even though it doesn’t make sense, she does have honest reasons for doing this.

This truth or dare also helped solidify all of Soo Ho’s actions during the episode. It explains why he tried so hard to get her to reconcider and look at things logically.. but he also wasn’t going around judging her or pointing a finger at her. He really did want to help her. That was his main goal because he knew the level of her determination.

Closing Thoughts

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Photo of Gary's Family

They didn’t really focus much on Gary’s search for his father this episode. They focused the most on Bo Nui’ dangerous hunt for the tiger before she runs out of time. I wonder when Gary’s father will come back into play.

Drama Stalking

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho follows Bo Nui

Soo Ho had some drama stalking moments in this episode, but he really was trying to protect Bo Nui and was honestly concerned. I like rather than judging her harshly at this point, he really is mostly concerned and just cannot understand since it is completely illogical to him.


Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Amy

Amy continues to try to make progress with So Hoo and begins to think she has since he “accidentally” dropped the honorifics. She was glad but confused about Gary accepting the contract. She still doesn’t know yet to the extent that they are all intertwined. Right now… she can tell that Gary really likes Bo Nui but she doesn’t realize the growing connection between Soo Ho and Bo Nui. She’s really not going to understand that one, essentially since she thinks Bo Nui is really odd with her salt pouring and all. Jealousy, moving forward, I think it going to be a big problem.

Bo Nui’s Gone Mad

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui on the phone

I was really beginning to get frustrated with Bo Nui this episode, but I’m trying to keep in mind her sister is her main motivation. Problem is, what good is it if she gets harmed herself and then her sister is all alone? She’s not thinking clearly. She’s consumed by the prospect that their is hope.

I do have to say though, Bo Nui did look really beautiful in her dress but it was scary seeing her run off like that.

I think Bo Nui’s heart is beginning to melt slightly for Soo Ho. Yes.. she’s on the hunt for the tiger which is clouding her judgement. She gets mad at Soo Ho for interfering, but I don’t believe his actions go unnoticed. She also pays attention to the little things he does, like how he chugs water pretending it’s soju. He definitely makes her smile. If only she can let go over the tiger thing, she’ll see there’s something good right in front of her (who also happens to be a tiger).

Soo Ho – A slightly Different Breed of Male Lead

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Soo Ho

I loved that Soo Ho didn’t barge in and grab Bo Nui by the wrist and force her to the leave motel room the way other male leads would. So Hoo is smart and he used his brain by contacting the police and being discreet about it. He might have some stereotypical male lead traits, but really he is very unique and I’m thankful for that.

The oval seating thingy in Soo Ho’s room is really cool and made for a very creative shot with Soo Ho having his childlike meltdown.

Soo Ho is my favorite character right now. I’m really fascinated with him, from the uncomfortable way he walks into a room, to his genius mind that always wants to solve or understand a problem.

What’s wrong with this guy?


Why the random scene of Song Dae Kwon (Jung Young Ki) getting mad at Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) for leaving garbage around? It wasn’t even hers. Is there a purpose to this scene? Is it to show that he’s short with her because she doesn’t look like a fashionista? I thought it was very disrespectful the way he was talking down to her… and I don’t believe he has any authority over her. I don’t like this double standard where it’s okay for the bombshell to leave garbage, but not okay for the seemingly ordinary. At least he apologized, I suppose.It makes me wonder if her braces are going to come off later and they’ll show her all dolled up and making all the guys head’s spin. That would be cool, but I think she’s also super cute just the way she is (and this is only mildly influenced by the fact I have glasses and braces).

Gary Continues to be Indifferent towards Amy

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Gary

I can see Amy already has little jealous tendencies towards Bo Nui in regards to Gary. Amy’s not even pursuing Gary, but Gary pays much more attention to Bo Nui, and respects her opinion more; Amy has picked up on this. I’m bracing myself for when Amy starts to sense that Soo Ho’s attention is also pointing in Bo Nui’s direction. I don’t think of Amy as a hateful character… but when jealousy comes it might get ugly.

Tension Mounts

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Gary Choi

You can cut the tension with a knife when it comes to Gary and Soo Ho. They’ve battled it out, they flex their mental muscles with words.. I wonder if they’ll end up fighting in a physical fight again. Only at episode 6 and I think the disdain is only going to grow.

Clothing in Kdramas

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui and Soo Ho both wearing jean clothing

I feel like I should write a post on the psychology of drama clothing. Bo Nui wears a lot of jean clothing and I noticed now that Soo Ho does too. Did he before or did I just notice? It reminded me of Bubblegum where at first the main characters dressed differently, but as the story progressed Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won) started to dress more and more like Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook). I  think it’s cute, but what message is the clothing try to tell us? Their haircuts looks similar too..

Birth Secret?

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Yang Hee Ae

Soo Ho’s mother, Hee Ae’s (Na Young Hee) curiosity for her old flame has me wondering if maybe he is in fact Soo Ho’s father. This wouldn’t be surprising to me, but we still don’t know a whole lot about her past. I want to see this part of the story unfold. He would make a much nicer father anyway… but why did they break up, I wonder?

The IF Team

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Co-workers at restaurant

I really like the game’s creative team. As smaller roles in the drama, I’m not sure that they get enough credit. Their individual characters make for an interesting team dynamic. Even though it seems like extremely difficult work they still make it look fun by their bonding, smiles and wonderful results.

Episode 6 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


Still ridiculous. Still enjoyable. This drama continues to make me smile. I really want to see how this develops and will they finally… you know. They certainly hinted to it.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Bo Nui sprinkes salt

Hoping for another strong week of Lucky Romance.

*Sprinkles salt as usual.

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