Lucky Romance Episode 5 Recap

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Oh wow… things are certainly getting interesting now. It was quite the episode as Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) reacts to the indecent proposal from Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum). Soo Ho also starts to put the pieces together as to why Bo Nui wants to sleep with him in the first place.


Let’s Sleep Together

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Bo Nui

The episode kicks off where the last one left off. Soo Ho is in Bo Nui’s apartment after his brawl with Gary. Bo Nui says they should spend their scheduled date time together now rather than next time. She even goes further to say that they should spend the night together. He’s so surprised and he freezes up as usual, as he tries to process what he’s being told. He asks he if she means actually sleep together, as in “a man and a woman”. She confirms that this is what she means.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Soo Ho

In the end he tells her no and leaves, but he pauses a few moments outside her apartment before he actually leaves as he processes what just went down.

What Just Happened?

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Soo Ho freaking out

He really seems to be affected and dare I say shaken by her proposal, but he’s not the kind of person to just say “Ya, sure I’ll sleep with you”. Soo Ho is very odd and awkward. He wouldn’t have the confidence to say yes on the spot even if he wanted to. He’s also a sensitive and sweet guy deep down. This is totally out of his element and comfort zone. Plus she was so bold. There was no hesitation in her eyes. He cannot understand what would possibly motivate her to say such a thing.

More Guy Talk

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Ryang Ha

So Hoo ends up calling Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) and going to the club to find him. His friend tries to find out what happened, but Soo Ho hesitates to tell him. Finally he starts explaining with little pieces of information without saying who it was. Soo Ho ends up admitting (without really realizing) that Bo Nui is pretty (see, we are starting to get somewhere now).

Late Night Tennis

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Gary and Bo Nui at the Tennis Court

Bo Nui is visibly upset and humiliated by her attempt to bed Soo Ho. Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk) sees that something is bothering her. He ends up asking her if Soo Ho is a tiger and she admits that he is. She then explains to him what it is exactly she has to do with a tiger and he’s surprised that she believes the Shaman. She says it might seem silly to him, but she would do anything to save her sister. He obviously doesn’t approve or like the ridiculous, nonsensical tactic, but he doesn’t challenge her any further on the matter either.

Gary takes Bo Nui to the tennis court to distract her from her current state of mind. He serves tennis balls to her for a while and she seems to be having fun. After a while, she lets out all her frustrations and he does as well as they sit there. Bo Nui is feeling very emotional and cries a lot. Gary is very supportive towards her and encourages her to let it all out. At one point, Gary musters up the bravery to reach for Bo Nui’s hand, and in that moment, a bunch random teenage girls appear and ruin Gary’s chance. I know many people are rooting for you Gary… but Gary… it’s not going to happen. You are like her little bother. It sucks for you… but that’s the label you’ve been given and you are not going to be able to shake it.

Choi Gun Wook is Gary Choi

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Gary Choi

This is when Bo Nui finally realizes that her childhood friend is in actually the famous Gary Choi, who Zeze is been trying to acquire for the game that she is helping to develop and created. Did she not see the footage of Gary while they discussing him being part of “IF”? It’s so odd it took her this long to realize who he was… but at least she’s realized it now and not much later. 

While this scene is going on, Soo Ho has also come to the realization that Gary is in fact Bo Nui’s neighbor. He even goes further to piece together the fact that he’s also the man that she wanted to sleep with on her date. That’s great Soo Ho.. you fought with the star tennis player you’ve been trying to make a deal with. What a mess this is.

Soo Ho Avoids Bo Nui

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Soo Ho avoids Bo Nui

The incident from the night before continues to rattle Soo Hoo. He spends the day avoiding Bo Nui. When he does interact with her, he’s completely unnatural. She hands in her resignation letter because she worries that is will be too uncomfortable between them now. He tells her to stay, but that she needs to get Gary to be a part of “If”. She agrees to try but also makes sure that he knows how important “If” is to her.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Soo Ho smiles

After she leaves his face is plastered with the biggest smile… like HUGE smile.. is this really Soo Ho? Bo Nui, you broke So Hoo – he’s acting out of character.

The Persistent Beauty

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Amy

Amy has boldly decided to get an office in the same building as Soo Ho. She seems pretty determined to stay close to him. His buddy, Ryang Ha, lets her up… Ummm, he was swayed by her beauty. She totally tricked you!

Amy meets with Soo Ho and things are still very tense between them. He informs her that they are looking into a round-about way to get in touch with Gary. She is not thrilled with this to say the least. She says it’s disrespectful since she is his manager. He doesn’t elaborate on it much more than that.

They’re really not making much progress in terms of communication. At least they are talking, I suppose. I wonder at what point he’ll begin to forgive her. What I’m really curious about is why she didn’t tell him that she was leaving. Was it selfish? Was it out of her control? Was she scared? I hope we find out soon.

Where in the World is Gary’s Father?

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Gary's father

Gary continues to search desperately for his father. Bo Nui does bring up “IF” to Gary and explains that she works for Zeze and that she created the game. Knowing this, he still declines because he needs to concentrate on finding his father. She understands and lets it go.

The Mother That Hates Raccoons

Lucky Romance Kdrama Epside 5 Yang Hee-Ae

Soo Ho’s mom, Hee Ae (Na Young-Hee), tries to get back into the building again but continues to have no luck. She runs into Bo Nui and they begin to chat some more. Hee Hae tells Bo Nui that she wants to free Soo Ho from the terrible raccoon that has been around him causing him trouble. Bo Nui realizes that she must be the raccoon pestering Soo Ho that the mother is referring to. I know that protective drama mothers will be protective drama mothers, but I thought the mom’s assessment of the raccoon around Soo Ho was completely warped. The Shaman didn’t present the raccoon to her in such a way at all. It’s too bad, because the mom will end up hating Bo Nui, at least for a while, but they get along well and have the superstitions in common. What’s so wrong about raccoon’s anyway? If he likes raccoons, let him like raccoons. Plus, it’s pretty amazing how raccoons can pick up garbage with their hands. Just saying…. (yes, I know this has no relevance).

Soo Ho needs to know

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Soo Ho

His mind won’t stop spinning. He wants to know… he has to know – why does she want to sleep with him? Every little thing is driving him crazy. Bo Nui leaves him a sandwich and that messes with his brain as well. I asked myself last episode when Soo Ho would start to really fall for Bo Nui. I think the answer is now.. but he’s so distracted by what has transpired, that he’s fixated on that rather than how his heart is reacting to it. 

Gary’s Father’s Diary

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Gary reads his father's diary

Gary gets some information about his father’s whereabouts, and Bo Nui offers to go with him. It turns out, his father did live there, but he disappeared back in January. Gary looks visibly disappointed, but he starts going through his dad’s things quietly by himself and finds his diary.

Soo Ho Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

Lucky Romance Kdrama Epside 5 Soo Ho pacing

We all know that Soo Ho loves figuring out code. His brain is in overdrive as he maticulously goes over all kinds of details to do with Bo Nui. In the end, after having found the talisman’s and her diary, he pieces everything together and figures out for some weird superstitious reason (that reason he still doesn’t know) she needs to sleep with someone born the year of the tiger.

He goes to Bo Nui and wants to see if she will admit to his findings. She doesn’t deny it and is honest. He gets mad and Gary steps in, saying Soo Ho has not right to get so upset since he didn’t sleep with Bo Nui nor is he dating her. Gary pulls her away but she explains to Gary she really needs to go talk to Soo Ho, even if he’s going to be upset with her because he deserves to know the reason. So Hoo is still waiting in his car.

Truth or Dare

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Butterfly Talisman

I thought the truth or dare this week was informative. It was neat to see what the two different talisman mean. His reaction to the second one was pretty funny. I originally thought that the butterfly one was to protect him, not to seduce him. Bo Nui thought that too because, back at that time when she was going to start work at Zeze, she didn’t remember that he was a tiger. That sneaky, sneaky Shaman. He really wants her to get some lovin’. I wonder about that Shaman.

Closing Thoughts

Soo Ho Cracks Me Up

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 So Hoo and sandwhich

A lot of my comments are going to have to do with So Hoo. This is because I feel a large part of the episode had to do with his reactions, so be prepared.

It’s really funny watching Soo Ho deal with and process Bo Nui’s proposal. He’s really a pretty innocent guy as his friend blurted out in the club. He doesn’t seem to have any experience with women, and from what we know he’s had only one serious crush before which was Amy.. and which has lasted for years and years.

I just about died of laughter when Soo Ho cracked an unexpected smile. That was the first, real, and BIG genuine smile we have seen from him. We can see he really does like Bo Nui, which is why I think it’s so difficult for him to have her suddenly ask to spend the night with him, and apparently just to use him.

Lucky Romance Kdrama episode 5 Soo Ho stares

Observing Soo Ho, I noticed he does this really heavy eye shifting when he is nervous. He looks from side to side. I don’t know how he does it, but he somehow manages to look so calm and emotionless sometimes when you just know that internally that he is freaking out.

I would love to have a face to face conversation with Soo Ho and have him stare back at me blankly like he does. I have to admit, I’m really getting on board with his character. I like how uncomfortable he always looks. Normally the male leads have lots of confidence and charisma with women, but not our So Hoo. This is not his comfort zone. He can analyze fine… but how to cope with such situations is a completely different story.

Hey Loser Ex-boss, Go Away!

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Won Dae-Hae

There goes Dae Hae again, asking Bo Nui for money. Why did they slip that scene in there? I was curious about the relevance and was wondering if somethings going to happen in the future (or if it was just filler). I did really like that she totally shot him down and didn’t even entertain the thought of giving him the money. In the past I think she was more naive and would have caved, but she did not. Good for you Bo Nui; that’s what I like to see.


I just realized something. There’s no one I really despise at this point. Yes, I don’t like Soo Ho’s father, but we haven’t seen too much of him in the last couple episodes. I wonder if someone will emerge as the hateful villain, or if we are going to just keep having these minor, slightly irrelevant, secondary villains.

Gary Ignoring Amy.. Again

Why does Gary always ignore Amy’s calls? Gary, you better start being nice to Amy or you’re going to end up alone. Remember, you have no shot with Bo Nui.

Ryang Ha

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Han Ryang-Ha

Does anyone else really like Jung Sang Hoon‘s character? I like his friendship with Soo Ho and also really enjoy his little scenes with  Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee). I still want this to happen (even though he made fun of her braces).

Episode 5 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


I’m staying consistent with my ratings. Yes… I know the drama has some major flaws, but i’m enjoying it. Logic isn’t always the necessary ingredient for a pleasant drama.

Someone please give me their impressions of Soo Ho. He makes me laugh so much I can’t describe it. I’m trying to analyze him but I end up laughing at how awkward he always seems.


*Pours salt all over recap and on episodes to come.

Quick tidbit: Did you know the french word for Raccoon is Raton Laveur? Now you do.

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9 thoughts on “Lucky Romance Episode 5 Recap

  1. I really like Soo Ho too!! He is so funny. I LOVE all his gestures and the way he tries to hide his feelings, in his own words, “very natural”… Or at least, this is what he believes… XD

    I’m looking forward the moment when he realizes that he really likes Bui Nu. I think he’s very hurt because he feel she only wants to use him, in the same way that Amy did it. So sad! But, I must admit I fall in love with the second lead. It’s a pity he is in the friendzone from the first episode ='(

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    1. Yep. Gary suffers the fate of the male second lead and many have Second Lead Syndrome. I really like his character and I can’t help but feel bad for him. It’s only going to get more and more painful for Gary to watch Bo Nui as well with her crazy tiger hunt.

      So Hoo was anything but natural, haha. I laughed when he said that too. You make a good point; Soo Ho doesn’t want to be hurt again like he did with Amy. I also wanna see the moment he realizes and accepts his feelings. Thanks for your comments 🙂


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