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Movies!!! I’ve always loved movies! I watch mostly Kdramas, but every once in a while I need a mini Kdrama break. So what do I do, I watch a movie! It’s a nice mini break and I only have to commit about 2 hours of my time, vs 16 hours plus with a Kdrama.











Any movie suggestions for me or movies you would like me to review? Feel free to let me know!

3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews

  1. If you’re marathoning So Ji Sub, you’ve just got to review Always. Yes, it’s cliched but it’s MARVELOUS! *swoons* and *sighs*

    Ahjusshi with Won Bin is similar to Denzel Washington’s Man on Fire (violent yet heartwarming?) Also has Kim Sung Oh as one of the main villains.

    A Frozen Flower is a masterpiece (but not for the faint-hearted). Stars Joo Jin Mo; Zo In Sung; Song Ji hyo; and small spring role for Song Joon ki.

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    1. I should update this page. It’s been quite some time since I marathoned SJS. I’ve pretty much watched him in everything I could find. I really liked Always. I should maybe rewatch and review it. I loved it. Thanks for your other movie recommendations. I haven’t seen them.


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