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Lucky Romance… a huge flaw lies within the story itself. This is something they really need to address. I let it go at first, but I cannot let it go any longer. Here’s the flaw: Are the superstitions real or are they coincidence? If they are real within the realm of the drama, then all of Bo Nui’s actions can be justified within the context of the drama (which is ridiculous). If they are not real, and are just coincidences, can they stop with the red pens and the comatose finger twitching? How is Bo Nui ever going to learn that life cannot be controlled using superstitions if things keep happening because of superstitious things. The message of the story is not clear. Their dabbling too much with two different scenarios. I can accept that some things won’t make perfect sense, but can their at least be some logic to it please?

Alright… let’s dive into this mess and see what was good and what had me pulling out my hair.


Quick note: the recap may be slightly muddled. I was jumping all over the place processing the insanity.

Smarten up Bo Nui

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Bo Nui in the rain

The episode starts off where we left off last time. Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) shows up at the hospital to check on Bo Ra (Kim Ji Min), only to find Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) standing there.

I knew that Bo Nui would still be focused on the tiger hunt at this point, but I figured since Soo Ho is a tiger, that they’d end up sleeping together now. Instead Bo Nui is incredibly mad and leaves the hospital. Soo Ho, super concerned follows her. He stays close to her and tries to help her in any way he can. It’s raining, so he takes out his umbrella and shelters her from the rain. He says to her basically not to pay attention to him, that he is a pole. He acknowledges her bad mood, but wants to make sure that she is okay.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho and Bo Nui in the Rain

She’s ignoring him mostly this whole time looking so mad at him. She goes into a food tent to drink and he follows her in, still checking on her. She drinks a lot. Then a man begins to hit on her. She warns the man that she is bad luck. She then tells the stranger that she will only sleep with him even he has the sign of the tiger. The man takes this as an invitation and he ushers her to go with him. Soo Ho, who has been watching closely this parody of a situation, stands up and intervenes gently. He asks the man to come speak with him for a moment. The drunk man is confused but concedes and they go outside of the tent momentarily.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho in the rain

Soo Ho’s observant personality picks up on the company man’s wedding band right away and calls him out on it by adding that he was being very sloppy. The guy gets freaked out and worried so he leaves.

Lucky Romance kdrama Episode 7 drunken Bo Nui

Bo Nui, in her drunken state, calls for her cowardly tiger, only to look up to find Soo Ho standing there. It catches her by surprise.

He’s really so sweet. She’s so lucky to have him around, it’s not even funny. He keeps looking over her time and time again and saving her from very dangerous situations. What I can’t stand, is she ends up getting mad and blaming him for everything which is really not right. 

Soo Ho tries to tell her that she must go home now, but she doesn’t want to go home because things there remind her of her dear sister. He ends up piggybacking Bo Nui and bringing her back to his place. He tries to lay her on the couch, but he fails greatly and she winds up on the floor. Darling Soo Ho starts fretting over what blankets and pillow to give her; in the end he figures it out and covers her with something suitable. He has fallen for her for sure… the looks of concern are undeniable to me at this point. Too bad she a completely illogical woman. I hope that gets sorted soon and she comes to her senses (but I’m not holding my breath).

Worried Gary

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Gary at bus stop

Meanwhile Gary is freaking out. He suspects that Bo Nui is with Soo Ho and starts imagining a scenario of Bo Nui seducing Soo Ho so she can cling onto her tiger. Gary gets soaking wet and ends up waiting outside of Bo Nui’s apartment door. Amy comes to find him there. She tells Gary that it’s pretty clear that Bo Nui must have a boyfriend. Oh man… if only Amy knew that it was Soo Ho that Bo Nui was with… she would freak.

Visiting The Chicken Man

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho's mom

Yang Hee Ae (Na Young Hee) finally has the courage to go visit her former flame the chicken man, Ahn Young Il (Jung In Gi) . He is no doubt surprised by her sudden appearance but equally ecstatic. They chat and she tells him that her son is the CEO of Zeze. Young Ill is happy to hear this and let’s her know that his company frequently visits his restaurant. She asks him about his kids but he tells her that he unfortunately split from his wife before having kids and regrets not ever having children. By the look on her face, it’s quite possible that she knows or suspects that Soo Ho could be his son. We can’t confirm this 100% yet… but I have a feeling this will be what we end up finding out at some point without a shadow of a doubt.

Where is the Shaman?

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Bo Nui can't find the Shaman

Bo Nui goes to see the Shaman, but to her dismay, he is not there. Where could he have possibly have gone? Did he leave on purpose knowing that should would come? Very suspicious. Even with him not there, she feels he is the only one that can guide her right now and tell her how she must proceed from this point on. I can really sense desperation in her eyes. It’s maybe a good thing the Shaman didn’t ask her to do worse… because she will stop at nothing. 

Gary’s Mind Becomes His Enemy

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 kids huddle around Gary

Gary is going crazy wondering if Soo Ho and Bo Nui slept together. He finally ends up going  over to see Soo Ho, because his curiosity has gotten the best of him. Gary tries to get information from Soo Ho, but the information he gets back is limited.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho and Gary

You can tell by both of the men’s body language that they are not very fond of each other and also have their guards up. Look at how the two of them have their hands in their pockets. 

Superstitions Vs Logic

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho

Soo Ho continues to try and convince Bo Nui that all her superstitions are crazy and simply not true. She tells him all the things she doesn’t do because she is scared of what results will come of it. One of the things she mentions is how she will nor write her name in read (because it signifies death). He tries to prove that nothing will happen by doing this, so he takes a red marker and writes down his name and the name of both his parents. She’s really upset by this.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Bo Nui with Soo Ho's parents

Shortly after this, Bo Nui receives a phone call from Soo Ho’s mother. Soo Ho’s father had hurt himself. Bo Nui doesn’t hesitate to go see the mother. Bo Nui breaks down crying when she sees Soo Ho’s dad, injured by okay. She is very relieved. The two parents looks at her very surprised by her seemingly exaggerated reaction. She sits and eats with them. Hee Ae asks what Soo Ho is like at work and Bo Nui only says nice things about him. Both parents look really surprised, but the father is the one that looks the most surprised. Why? I guess Soo Ho doesn’t show his parents that side of him… but it’s pretty sad how they don’t know him at all… and how his father doesn’t even attempt to understand him.

Bo Nui and So Hoo’s mother are really forging quite a nice friendship. I really hope this bond doesn’t get instantly destroyed when Hee Ae finds out that Bo Nui is the raccoon. In the end though, I’m pretty sure she’ll end up accepting her, although it may take some time. These two women really do have a lot in common.

Stay Healthy

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho thinking

The way Bo Nui kept carrying on about staying healthy really worried So Hoo. He really wanted to know what she meant. It started to alarm him as she said it to other people as well, seeming like she was going somewhere. I like how he spelled it out to Gary ” Didn’t you notice how pale she was” (I’m paraphrasing). He even admitted to Gary that he didn’t sleep with Bo Nui. Once Soo Ho said this, Gary finally realized that Soo Ho was right to be concerned and Gary’s body reacted by immediately running.

Truth or Dare

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho and Bo Nui

I really didn’t know what they would do for Truth or Dare this episode. I thought… what can they possibly show us which we didn’t already see from their night of sleeping on the floor? Maybe some of you saw it coming, but I didn’t expect to see her sister’s finger twitch as their hands lightly touched. So the message I’m getting from this is, if they had in fact slept together, than the sister would have woken up. This does not make any sense but I’m thinking they intend it in a romantic way. I think that maybe it isn’t so much that she must sleep with “any tiger” but that she must sleep with or rather find her “destined tiger”. Maybe it’s more metaphorical.. like only through her finding her own happiness and letting go can destiny unfold the way it is intended. Perhaps I’m grasping at straws.. 

Closing Thoughts

Soo Ho Saved The Episode For Me

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho

The first part of the episode, I admit, I quite liked, but this is mainly thanks to Soo Ho and Gary. Bo Nui has become completely intolerable and I commend Soo Ho for all his patience. I can’t help but think of the saying though “Nice guys finish last”. I know in the end they will end up together, but in the meantime all his efforts, although not going unnoticed, are not swaying her heart in any way.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho squats down to Bo Nui

I loved the scene when Soo Ho squats down to Bo Nui, looking at her with great concern. It was a very sweet moment, as she was curled up feeling completely helpless.. and drunk.

It’s funny now to think how excited I was about this episode all week long. I made up scenario’s in my mind where Bo Nui and Soo Ho spent the night, and he was the one that was desiring more of a relationship. I thought it would be humorous, and ya probably frustrating. But, I wasn’t prepared for THIS level of frustration. What was this?? Just when you think Bo Nui has reached the top level of idiocy.. she finds a way to say and do something even more stupid.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Soo Ho laying down

I can’t deal with Soo Ho’s cuteness. The way he was being so sweet to Bo Nui.. the way he was trying to get her to understand.. The scene where he was laying with her was so cute. He kept looking at her in a certain way. He was looking at her like he’s really fallen for her.

This is my first Ryoo Joon Yeol drama, so I have no previously form opinion outside of his interpretation of Soo Ho. He’s not normally the type of actor I fangirl over.. but I think I might be slowly creeping into fangirl terrirory (over this character anyway). He’s so marveously quirky and caring that I’m finding myself more and more drawn into his character.

Snap out of it Bo Nui

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Bo Nui drunk and sad

It’s difficult to sympathize with a character who has no grasp on reality. People around her care about her, but she misses so much potential happiness in life because she’s fixated on whatever nonsense she chooses to believe.

Two Opposites

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Bo Nui and Soo Ho disagree

They made it so clear this episode how different Bo Nui and Soo Ho are from each other. We already knew, but now they really can’t find a commonality. Soo Ho wants so desperately to rationalize with her, but it’s impossible. On top of that, the universe is trolling Bo Nui and cause her to buy into her own bs.

First Step Towards Healing – Amy and Soo Ho Talk

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Amy

Amy’s scenes with Soo Ho was a little confusing to me. It seems like he is coming around a bit with her and had a better understanding of what had happened in the past and why. Soo Ho taking the mini bicycle out and placing it back on his desk symbolizes some healing. The only thing is, was he seriously offended that she was a year off when they were discussing the year things went down? This seemed to make her happy, like she realized that he does care. I’m still forming my opinion on her overall intentions, but she seems very honest. I really don’t want her to get hurt.. but it looks like she is going to get hurt. What’s yet to be determined I guess, is how she will react.

Rhang Ha 

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 7 Ryang Ha

Rhang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) was funny as usual this episode but he has also pretty annoying (but still in a lovable way). He always has some many great lines and deliveries. His flirtatious teasing of Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) was a little cruel, but he didn’t push it too far. I really hope that they will continue to progress their side interactions into something more substantial. Make this happen writers. We want to see them together (or I do anyway).

Logic Needs to Prevail over Nonsense

Lucky Romance Episode 7 Kdrama Bo Ra

Even if they decide to keep an element of luck consistent in this drama.. I hope in the end logic will prevail. Bo Nui needs to know that her parents death was not her fault.. and that Bo Ra’s accident was not her fault either. Why would the Shaman throw all this blame on Bo Nui… that still perplexes me. It’s also sad that Bo Nui’s self worth is so low that she accepts all this blame.

Episode 7 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review ratingkdrama Quick review rating


I still enjoyed this episode. Even in my ranting and impatience I was entertained… but I did lower my score from the previous episodes because Bo Nui is too much and there should be some logic (at least within the realm of the show).

Now wait a minute… I’ve been sprinkling salt on every episodes and it doesn’t seem to be working. I guess I better start pouring salt. *pours entire box

Box of Salt

I feel I have failed to cover every aspect of the episode. If there’s anything I missed that you would like to discuss or give your personal take on, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Let’s hope episode 7 flows well and brings some elements of logic into this mess.

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Someone else that doesn’t understand what the heck Bo Nui is doing or what she’s about. And that Shaman though. The first time when he told her that she is to blame for her parents deaths, I felt that was harsh. And then all those instances in school when he said Bo Nui brought bad luck to those around her, I interpreted it as her being the one with good luck and the others being the ones with bad luck. Like seriously, Ryang Ha has it right when he says she’s Soo Ho’s good luck charm. She’s extremely lucky, she just doesn’t know it because she’s so focused on the negative. Like, I can’t even. And I repeat, what does she want? Does she want Bo Ra to wake up only to find that herb big sister has been raped and murdered because she’s so focused on catching a tiger? What kind of idiot says she doesn’t care if she’d been recorded? So she wouldn’t mind if Bo Ra wakes up, surfs the internet and sees her sister Porno video? God I want to leap into the screen and shake her. Bo Nui, please have just a bit of sense. Just a bit.

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