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2 weeks have flown by already of Lucky Romance and the drama is still enjoyable. The fourth episode did not disappoint. The laughs continued to flow. I continue to make faces at the TV as Soo Ho is as robotic, awkward, and weird as ever. His mixture of lack of emotion, and struggling to realize he actually has emotions is hilarious.


Guy talk

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Ryang Ha and Soo Ho

After Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) boldly asks Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) to start dating her, as a contract relationship for 3 weeks. He wants to refuse her, but he agrees he will think about it. Her sudden dating invitation has him really confused. He ponders over it to try and figure out why she would ask such a thing. Soo Ho and  Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) discuss and try to think of possible reasons.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Ryang Ha

Ryang Ha find it quite amusing and brilliant on her part. He suggests maybe that Bo Nui fell in love with Soo Ho at first site perhaps. Soo Ho thinks this could be possible.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Bucket List

Then Ryang Ha brings up the notion that maybe this is an item on Bo Nui’s bucket list and that she could be very ill with not much time left to live. Soo Ho gets really concerned when thinking about this, but also dismisses the possibility stating she looks to healthy to be ill. You can tell he’s worried though and is unsure.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 concerned Soo Ho

I don’t believe Soo Ho to be as unemotional as he comes across sometimes.  He just doesn’t understand his own emotions.

Gary’s search for his father

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Gary searches for his father

Gary is on the hunt for his father. He’s hired a private detective to find him, and most likely bumps into his father on the way, without even realizing it was him.

He later asks Bo Nui about his dad. She tells him that he did go to her graduation, but he was not living in the apartment anymore by that point. He only heard that her parents had passed away after it had happened and gave her his condolences.

Amy and Soo Ho

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Soo Ho

Soo Ho sees Amy at Zeze and wants security to come and take her away… Wow, she really broke his heart and he can’t deal with it at all. She explains she is there because she is Gary Choi’s manager. They then have a meeting to discuss Gary being part of the game “IF”.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Amy admits Gary refused

The conversation is totally awkward and she admits Gary is not interested in being a part of “IF”.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Soo Ho talks to Amy Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Fierce Amy

Amy notifies Soo Ho that if he wants Gary to join the project, that she is the only one that can convince Gary. She’s flexing a bit of her muscles here with Soo Ho, but in her defense, it’s the only card she can really play right now since he’s being very closed off and short with her.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Lee Dal NIm and Song Dae Kwon

The other two in the room, Bo Nui’s friend Dal-Nim (Lee Cho Hee) and coworker Dae Kwon (Jung Young-Ki) can feel the tension and end up leaving. They believe it to be some sort of lovers quarrel and assume that they must have dated before. They are not that far off.

Bo Nui’s friend seems especially hurt by the interactions between Soo Ho and Amy. She goes running to Song Hoon. Am I crazy to want to ship them? Can this happen please? I think Dal Nim and Ryang Ha would make a different, but cute couple. 

Lucky Romance Kdframa Episode 4 Young Ki and Bong Kil

The Zeze employees eat together and tell everyone how awkward it was in the meeting. Bo Nui sits and silently listens as they explain that it was like a lover’s tension from a quarrel.

More Flashbacks

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Young Soo Ho and Amy

Flashbacks are becoming this dramas calling card, and I can’t say that I mind. We got to see how Amy and Soo Ho met back in college. We get the very  cool side of Amy taking down multiple guys to protect Soo Ho. She really went our of her way to be his friend and to make him feel comfortable. I totally can see why he has fallen for her, and I can’t help but feel they should make up and date. They seem well suited for each other.. but we all know that’s not going to happen. Poor Amy.. why did you leave Amy? You broke the already fragile Soo Ho’s heart and now it’s going to be too late… what a shame.

Talismans and Tuna Sandwiches

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 5 Hee Ae

Soo Ho’s mom shows up again at Zeze to bring more talisman’s but she is stopped and ushered away. Bo Nui sees her and has a sit down with her where they share their mutual interest in superstitious things. Bo Nui agrees to place the talisman’s somewhere near Soo Ho, where he can’t see or find them. In attempt to woo Soo Ho, Bo Nui also asks his mother what Soo Ho likes to eat. The mother says seafood since he liked it when he was younger and grew up by the sea.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Tuna Sandwhich

Bo Nui proceeds to hide the Talisman’s in Soo Ho’s office, but he catches her in there looking suspicious. She comes up with a lame excuse and he doesn’t really question her a whole lot. I’m surprised he didn’t totally flip out that she was alone in his office. His reactions are often odd. He gets this shocked face, that’s somehow expressionless at the same time; it’s really the weirdest thing. Bo Nui gives him the tuna sandwich, leaves, then comes back in only to witness him throwing it in the garbage. He looks embarrassed that he was caught red handed, but manages to explain he doesn’t like the smell of fish. She looks hurt, but she let’s it go.

The date

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 yawning Soo Ho

Soo Ho doesn’t make any real efforts for the date whatsoever. He waltz into the hotel, half asleep wearing his hoodie and sandals. He wasn’t even sitting properly and had one knee up, treating the date like a total non-factor. Bo Nui looks a little taken aback by this, seeing as she has gone to such lengths to make everything perfect, sitting there in her gorgeous yellow dress. She convinces Soo Ho to come eat with her in her hotel room. She lacks in subtlety,  but he wants to get their date over with so he agrees without analyzing the situation too much.

For some reason, she didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t like the smell of fish and she ordered him fish, which he doesn’t eat. Bizarre.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Epside 4 Bo Nui Spills wine

Soo Ho is not falling for Bo Nui’s seduction plan, so in a last stitch effort, she splashes wine on herself when he momentarily looks away so that she’ll have an excuse to change.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Bo Nui in lingerie

She comes back out in lingerie, but finds Soo Hoo in the chair with his eyes closed. She thinks he is sleeping, but he is not actually asleep and responds to her surprisingly. She becomes extremely embarrassed, and she is fairly exposed in her slip. She falls and he goes to help her up, but she is so mortified that she doesn’t want help.

They go to leave and she puts on her trench coat, joking about how she feels like a flasher. Soo Ho asks what that is and she is really surprised he doesn’t know for someone that is supposed to be a genius. I wasn’t quite sure if he really didn’t know, or if he was only half listening to her.

They walk out and people start flooding around Soo Ho once they realize who he is. His anxiety starts acting up around the swarm of people and he starts to internally panic. Bo Nui comes to his rescue by gently holding onto his hand and pulling him away from the crowd. She finds a quiet spot where he can sit and asks him if he is okay.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Soo Ho freaking out to himself

Soo Ho brings Bo Nui home and is very cold with her in the car, acting emotionless like a rock. Once she steps out of the car we see how startled and stirred he is from her holding his hand. Although he’s not admitting it to himself yet, Bo Nui is effecting him in a more than a platonic way (I think so anyway).

Soo Ho Vs Gary

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Soo Ho vs Gary

Bo Nui sees Gary as she approaches her appartment building, holding her yellow dress in her hand. All of the sudden Soo Ho out of nowhere attacks Gary thinking he’s some kind of a stalker and they fight. Oh boy… what a first interraction this is… none of them realizing who the other really is. Gary doesn’t konw Bo Nui works for Zeze… Bo Nui doesn’t know that Gun Wook is Gary Choi and Soo Ho doesn’t realize he just tackle the person he is trying to get on board for a video game. What a mess.

Both men end up in Bo Nui’s apartment. She fixes up Gary’s wounds as Soo Ho sits sulking, refusing her help with his cuts. Gary appears quite jealous of Soo Ho and questions him while Bo Nui ushers him to leave. When Gary leaves Bo Nui insists that Soo Ho take a bandaid and he softens up a bit, but still putting on the act that he doesn’t want help. Bo Nui tellls him that he’s way nicer than he looks because he attacked someone thinking they were going to harm her. Soo Ho puts on his hard act again and explains he only came back to tell her from now on he doesn’t want any physical contact with her and he wants that added into their dating contract. She doesn’t like this; how are they supposed to date without physical contact? He states it’s only fake dating anyway so it shouldn’t matter.

Closing Thoughts

Lucky Romance really continues to be super funny. It may not be a very realistic drama, or completely logical, but I steadily laugh uncontrollably through many of the scenes. Both leads are completely weird yet in different ways.

When will Soo Ho and Bo Nui’s feelings fully develop?

There are hints of actual feelings developing on Soo Ho’s part for Bo Nui, although he’s in complete denial over it. I really don’t have a clue when he’ll come to the realization or when his feelings will develop into something real that he cannot ignore. I don’t see Bo Nui falling for Soo Ho yet. For her, it’s still all about the hunt for the tiger. I wonder when and how her feelings will change. I feel like he’s going to realize he has feelings first, but I could be wrong. I really don’t know.. it’s a mystery to me.

Second leads

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Gary and Amy SkinshipLucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Gary and Amy SkinshipLucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Bo Nui

Our second leads are both likable to me and I really hope that they end up together since we know logically they don’t have any chance with the main characters. I guess I’m kind of back and forth on whether or not I think they would make a good couple.. but there’s some potential, isn’t there?

Gary and Amy in Episode 4 of the Kdrama Lucky Romance

Gary was a jerk though with his comments about Amy’s looks and her being old. What the heck Gary? How could you. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU!!

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Bo Nui and Gary talk

My thoughts on Amy specifically

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Beautiful Amy

Although maybe some people would disagree with me about Amy, I think she’s a likable character. There must be a logical reason as to why she left without warning. At the moment, I do kinda feel that her and Soo Ho should be together (although this is not going to happen, at least not in the end). He obviously has been hung up on her for so long. His current hurt has to do with his past pain and a heart that really never did get over her. She really cares about him as well. I wish they could communicate better. Even though they may not be destined for each other, I really hope that they get some healing over the past and a sense of closure. It would be nice if Soo Ho can forgive and understand that she had personal reasons where she needed to leave. I hope her character stays likable. It’s hard to know sometimes with second leads. The female second leads especially tend to get consumed by jealousy. I hope this doesn’t happen to Amy since I like her. Either way Chung Ah is doing a great job.

Love Triangles and Squares

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Bo Nui and Gary

Gary and Soo Ho had a very bumpy first encounter. I can definitely see them continuing not to be so fond of each other. I’m curious though, who will be jealous of who the most in this complicated love square. Will Amy be the most jealous or Bo Nui? Will Bo Nui be jealous of Amy? Or will it be one of the men, Soo Ho or Gary that will be the greenest with envy? There’s a lot of intertwining relationships.

Truth or Dare

In The Truth or Dare scene, we find out that Soo Ho witnessed Bo Nui’s kind heart towards the frightened mother at the hospital who’s child was in an accident. I figured he did see this, but when they didn’t show it during the actual scene I thought maybe I was wrong. I was really glad that he saw this, because it helps solidify in his mind that although she odd and quite different than him, she is a very caring, wonderful person.

Episode 4 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


Thus far, the drama has succeeded in keeping my interest. It’s still early, but we will continue to sprinkle salt everywhere in hopes that it keeps being hilarious and enjoyable to watch

If didn’t look at the characters in terms of lead and second leads, who would you ship based on the first four episodes?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to another week of Lucky Romance!

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