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Let’s talk Lucky Romance Episode 3. All the episodes have been pretty consistent in terms of delivery so far. The third episode brought more laughs and continued to dig deeper into each character’s past.

Quick Recap

Apartment stuff

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Apartment

Choi Gun Wook aka Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk) ends up leaving Bo Nui’s (Hwang Jung Eum). Bo Nui thinks it must be because he overheard her with Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) in the apartment. It turns out not to be the case.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Cherry Blossom date

Gun Wook sees her later and tells her that something else came up. They finally get to go on their date where he reveals his identity as they stand beneath the cherry blossoms (which is breathtaking by the way).

Gary’s father

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3

Gary seems to have a complicated past with his father. There appears to be a high level of resentment. The friend of the father approaches him and asks Gary if he has heard from his father recently. Gary tells the friend he has not heard from his father in 13 years. The friend says he hasn’t been able to get in touch with his father for the last three months. He gives Gary an envelope, but Gary throws it out, not wanting to show that he has any interest in his father. He later goes back and retrieves the envelope. It turns out the friend had been sending the father DVDs of Gary’s Tennis’ matches so his father could see his son. We’re not exactly sure what has happened to him at his point or where (or who) he is. It seems he got pushed out, forced to resign from the company he was at.

Soo Ho’s idiot father

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Soo Ho's father

Je Soo Ho’s (Ryoo Joon Yeol) father shows up. His father seems like quite the jerk. They show us a flashback of how Soo Ho had a hard time interacting with kids his age growing up. He was more interested in learning and discovering things independently. He didn’t fit in well with the other children. I began to dislike the dad even more from what we saw in the flashbacks. He didn’t seem to understand his son either. The father wanted his kid to be like the other children rather than excel in his own way.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Ocean

I was super mad when the father held a frighten to death Soo Ho over a huge body of water telling him not to be scared. Ummmmmm, if you don’t want him to be scared, why don’t you try getting him to go swimming in a pool or in the shallow end somewhere, you idiot? You don’t throw someone who is paralyzed by fear into the violent ocean where they can drown. Seriously so mad…

Won Dae Hae – not so bad after all


Why are you making me contradict myself? I said you were a jerk last episode, but now you want to make sure she gets money and is involved with the development of the game. Thanks to Won Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho), Bo Nui will not only get steady wages, but she will also be closer to her tiger (she just doesn’t know it yet).

The truth about Bo Nui’s sister’s coma

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 sister

This is what I think most of us suspected: On the day of the final round of interviews for Zeze, Bo Nui’s sister got into the accident. The details were even worse than I had expected. It turns out, her sister had a premonition. She had a really ominous feeling and dream about her sister going to the interview and tried to stop her from going. She reminded Bo Nui that it was the same sensation she had before their parents got into the accident. Bo Nui dismissed her and told her not to worry. To make matters even worse, her sister was calling her from the interview when she was trying to crack the code. Bo Nui dismissed the call, so she could continue solving the problem. When her sister couldn’t reach Bo Nui, she crossed the road. She was distracted by her phone and her umbrella got away from her.

Needless to say, I was feeling quite tense watching the scene unfold and I felt horrible. I’m grateful they didn’t show the car hitting her nor did they have a really aggressive sound effect. My nerves don’t really like sudden car crashes, so I appreciate the fact that they softened the blow a little bit for me. Just a little bit… but that doesn’t make it any less horrible.

Bo Nui starts working at a Zeze

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 screencap

The Shaman encourages Bo Nui to take the position at Zeze, but he gives her specific directions on what to do to purify the area (since she’s such bad luck). She goes on to do everything he says. We get a hilarious scene of Soo Ho getting startled by Bo Nui’s unexpected appearance in odd white clothing. He already thought she was weird, and she’s not doing anything to disprove that.

Zeze related stuff


Bo Nui starts at the company and continues her search for the tiger, not realizing that the real tiger is right under her nose. Soo Ho seems annoyed with her and calls her out for socializing rather than doing her work (hey.. she was still working…).

Discussing Gary

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Zeze meetingLucky Romance Episode 3 kdrama Soo Ho

It looks like Gary is going to end up being involved with Zeze; they are looking to use him for the development of the new game.

Soo-Ho’s mom

Lucky Romance Episode 3 Kdrama Mother visits Shaman

I love that Soo Ho’s mom (Na Young Hee) is out there personality and superstition-wise like Bo Nui. I didn’t expect his mom to be into such things as talismans. When she first walk into the company, that is not how I expected her to be.

Bo Nui overhears the mother’s session with the Shaman and has the epiphany that Soo Ho is a tiger. It’s silly because she already knew, but completely forgot because she was drunk. It didn’t occur to her to ask for his sign when she entered the company? She asked every single other person. 

Time to catch a Tiger

Since Bo Nui knows Soo Ho’s a tiger now, she must find a way to seduce him, although she’s somewhat torn because she doesn’t really feel comfortable with this. She asks Han Ryang Ha (Jung Sang-Hoon) what Soo Ho likes and he says co-gasms LOL! Like Code-gasm. The thing he likes is code. He has no interest in other things including women. Well wait… that’s not entirely true, we know now that he had a crush on Amy. He’s definitely socially awkward though, so I imagine seducing him will be quite the challenge.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 date me

The episode ends with Bo Nui boldly asking Soo Ho to date her. For a second, I thought she was going to go as far as to say “bed me”. Well she didn’t do that.. probably a good thing.

Closing Thoughts

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 ending

Trial Dating – good idea

I like this idea of a trial dating period. I’m sure it won’t go well at first, but it does grant room for feelings to grow.

I love how the Shaman told Bo Nui not to blame other people and said it was all her fault haha! I don’t think it is.. but according to the story she really is bad luck.

I’ve changed my mind

Lucky Romance Kdrama episode 3

I’ve changed my opinion on a lot of things so far. Turns out I was wrong about Won Dae Hae. I ranted last recap about how he can’t be trusted, but he put me in my place this episode. He was the one that fought for Bo Nui to be part of the project because he said it would fail without her. He believes in her and he was also looking out for her best interest.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Epside 3 Puccu Bbbang Puccu Bbang

Another thing I was wrong about… (there were many): Gary. I gave him a hard time in the first few episodes for hiding his identity from Bo Nui. I thought maybe they were going to stretch it out, but he told without much hesitation. More than anything, he was hurt that she didn’t recognize him earlier, because she meant so much to him growing up. Now he has nothing to hide and she’s figured out he’s not a tiger.

Worse than the friend zone.. the little brother zone


The disadvantage for him though, is as soon as she realized who he was, he immediately became the “little brother”. I don’t think she’ll be able to view him romantically whatsoever. Being labeled the “little brother” has got to be even worse than being friend zoned.

Forget Logic

A lot of elements are doltish in this drama. This can be challenging for someone like me who likes to rationalize, analyze and dissect just about everything. Even if something doesn’t makes sense, it’s needs to at least make sense within the context of story.


You know what, forget logic. Logic smogic! Who needs it?

Oh, the Shaman

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Shaman

I thought the Shaman was really ridiculous the two previous episodes because the whole thing didn’t make sense. Now that I’m letting go of all logic, I appreciate the shaman more. It’s actually pretty neat how spot on he is about everything. Even if you don’t believe in any of this superstitious stuff, it’s just easier to accept it as “the reality within the drama”.

lucky romance kdrama epside 3 shaman and racoon

I loved how the Shaman was talking to the mom about Soo Ho being surrounded by a raccoon. Then it flashes back to the scene of drunken Bo Nui in episode 1. Another thing that is good about the Shaman, is at least he is consistent. He told Bo Nui there’s a tiger very close to her, and he told the mother there’s a raccoon close to her son. His stories do line up.

I was tricked

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Amy

Episode 2 had fooled me. It had given me the impression that Soo Ho really didn’t know who Amy (Lee Chung Ah) was. He pretended not to know her, but in fact had feelings for her and was crushed she disappeared. There seems to be lingering feelings because he keeps a mini bicycle figurine (and she was the one who taught him how to ride a bike).

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 10 years

It was kind of weird seeing him played by a younger actor, but her as herself. Is there age gap that big? In real life the actors are only 3 years apart in age. She pulled it off though, being so lovely and youthful looking.

I wonder moving forward if they’ll end up getting really close again, or if she’ll just get jealous of Bo Nui.

Little precious knick-knacks

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Desk Knick Knacks

Her desk is totally awesome. I love all her knick-knacks, charms, religious figurines, especially her maneki neko kitty.

I wonder how much trouble I’d get in at work if I poured salt all the way around my desk. That was amazing. I wonder how much salt Bo Nui has at home? She must buy it in bulk. I imagine she has a whole shelf dedicated to boxes of salt.

The silliness continues

Lucky Romance Episode 3 Kdrama

It is silly, but silly does make me laugh pretty loud. The episode pacing was pretty decent. It didn’t really have any boring points. They managed to keep the comedy aspect pretty high. The continued flashbacks were helping for the character and story line progression.

Lucky Romance Episode 3 Kdrama Gary Choi

I thought it was interesting that we got so much of a backstory on Gary in regards to his father. I was trying to figure out how they are going to tie this in. It feels very melodrama like though. I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the line this very rom com drama becomes melo heavy. We will see. I’ve been wrong pretty consistently so far (man, I must be rusty).

I want to see what direction they go with in Episode 4. I’m ready to watch now :p (well, tomorrow… I’m falling behind already, not good).

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 3 Bo Nui

What are your thoughts? Are you still enjoying it? What do you think of the illogical parts (do you embrace them or does it bug you)?

Quick Rating Episode 3


kdrama Quick review rating

So far so good but *continues to sprinkle salt.

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