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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! I mean, Raccoons and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! This was another animal heavy episode. I have to say, I’m loving the mix of playfulness, ridiculousness and emotional feels thrown in. This is quite the guilty pleasure drama.

Quick Episode 2 Recap:


Lucky Romance Episode 2 Bon Nui wakes up naked

We get a flash back of the night before – Our dear Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) wakes up naked and shocked under her covers. That tiger hunting night, she puked on Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol), but she doesn’t remember. The way she recalls it, she puked on a poll. That’s not quite what happened.

So who was the lucky one who bed her last night? Mr. Teddy Bear! You sly teddy you. How did you fool her into thinking you were a tiger? Clever, clever. You somehow must of convinced her during your long talks on the ground.

Choi Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) is super sweet (in other words dude, you are so screwed – No romance for you!). He paid her rent which was awesome, but since she doesn’t recognize him when he stood outside, he chose not to reveal his identity (bad move.. you’ll regret it later when her heart is already with someone else).

Lucky Romance Kdrama Counterfeit Game

Argh! The two jerks from the first episode stole the game and fled the country. The game got released in Russia. Since the game can’t really still be considered the original, Soo Ho wants his team to come up with a new concept within a few days and launch in a month. Super stressful for the whole team.


Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 2 Zodiac Sign

The hunt for the tiger continues. We see Bo Nui at her multiple part-time jobs where she seems to be taking advantage of the opportunity to ID the male customers to see who might be a potential tiger victim.


Lucky Romance Kdrama Raccoon

Je Soo Ho is looking for a video game concept he can buy. He decided to discreetly check out the video competition, where Won Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) and Bo Nui are participating. Dae Hae is a major flake who hasn’t changed at all and of course messes up their opportunity. Despite his constant idiocy, Bo Nui pulls off a creative presentation and impresses Soo Ho. He can envision the final result of their game proposal. She also appears to be getting more and more in his head. He doesn’t know what to make of her, because she is a walking, confusing disaster… but I can see how he’s slowly becoming more and more curious.

We get a brief understanding of what Bo Nui’s past experience with the company Zeze was like. She had made it to the final stage of the interview, where all the applicants had to try to crack a code planted by Soo Ho. One by one, the applicants started to give up and leave. She managed to be the first to crack it, but when he went to see who it was, she had left. They assumed she wasn’t really interested in getting employed after all. I wonder if maybe that’s when she got a call about her sister being in an accident. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Soo Ho finally makes all the connections in his mind and realized she was involved with many of the recent incidences, including her being the bunny. When he found out she was the one who cracked is code, it really made him even more curious about her. He really respects intelligence.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 2 - Hurt Finger

It’s hilarious that Bo Nui is very leery of Gun Wook. She thinks of him as the creepy neighbour that she probably shouldn’t be too friendly with. For her, he’s a stranger so she’s short with him (silly girl, you know him – silly boy, tell her). I Love Gun Wook’s pouty face. But this guy… he really, really seems to like her because he pretends he is a tiger so she will have dinner with him.. Gun Wook – Listen to me; you are going about this all wrong.. Of course she goes nuts when she thinks he’s a tiger and is ready to pounce on him, her newly discovered prey at the first opportunity.

Soo Ho is willing to invest 300 Million Won ($300,000) with a 1% incentive on the game she presented “IF” at the nation wide technology event. She’s not so sure. He doesn’t understand her choice of rejecting Zeze. Why would she want to work somewhere unsuccessful, for a boss who’s unreliable and going to run off without paying her and also turn down a great opportunity to sell her idea? It doesn’t add up in his mind. They are both somewhat suspicious of each other.

:ucky Romance Kdrama Episode 2 Kiss

What a way to end the episode… residual vomit mouth kiss… Hmmmmmm. Not the most romantic haha.

Closing Thoughts

Vomit, kissing and tooth brushes

Lucky Romance Kdrama brushing teeth
I always wake up and use 7 toothbrushes… For real…
Lucky Romance Kdrama thrown out toothbrushes
… No, because you kissed me with your vomit face.

No wonder he was brushing his teeth so viciously in the beginning of the episode. He went through so many toothbrushes. I feel like he overreacted a bit.. yea, it was gross, but it was a closed mouth kiss. Dude, she just touched the outside of your lips. Another point; if you are that revolted by a kiss, why don’t you pull away? I do still to this day find this kind of drama kiss odd. I mean.. I get you are shocked, but when you are shocked, isn’t the human response to back away… not stare uncomfortably in the person’s face for an extended period of time, motionless?

Bo Nui / Bonne Nuit

Lucky Romance Kdrama Bonne Nuit Bo Nui

I love Bo Nui’s name. I’m not sure what the thought process in this name was, but it reminds me of the French saying “Bonne Nuit” which means goodnight. So when they say her name, I think “Goodnight! Bonne Nuit”.

All Things Superstitious

Is her ringtone not the best? It cracks me up every time and I’m not even sure why. It seems so random… although she uses the chant as a sense of security.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Shaman

I don’t really mind some of the unrealistic elements of the drama, such as the miraculous abilities of the Shaman.. but why does she have to bed a man who was born in the year of the tiger? Because he says it’s the only thing that will save her sister? … but why… I know she so desperately loves her sister, so I can understand that she is willing to do anything to save her… but I wish there was some sort of rational to this bizarre advice from the Shaman. Even nonsensical rational like “The year of the tiger represents vitality so therefore it’s the only way to please the heaven’s by transmitting that energy through your body and subconscious mind. Since your mind is focused on saving your sister, that energy will then be transferred through your subconscious to hers and therefore she will wake up” I totally made all that gibberish up. You can feed us some sort of garbage reason -but give us a reason! Maybe they’ll explain it later.. or maybe I missed it. What kind of sick and twisted Shaman are you, anyway?

Unreliable people

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 2 - We're the best

I don’t particularly like this kind of character, although I do really like Kim Sang Ho as an actor very much. His character reminds me of father from My Girl and the father in When Marry stayed out all night. Also the boss from What happened in Bali. You can’t trust people like that. They will always cheat you. He may have had the best intentions to show up for the presentation, but he didn’t and she suffered for it. When he was trying to convince her to prepare for the competition, he reminded her how hard they worked in that office… yet, when we see the flashback, it’s mostly just her in all those scenes, working late or him sleeping. Alarm bells went off in my mind.. STOP TRUSTING HIM… seriously girl… you are always the one that suffers.

What’s Next?

Lucky Romance Kdrama episode 2 Lee Chung Ah

From the preview of Episode 3, it looks like I was wrong in thinking that Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) and Soo Ho used to date. He doesn’t seem to remember her at all… but something definitely happened. I’m curious to see what that is. One more note in regards to Lee Chung Ah… is her English not super cute, or what? Show more of her please.

Luck, stay with us.

This show really is easy to watch so far. I don’t need a masterpiece. It’s enjoyable. I continue to like the cast and thought some of the moments were even funnier than the previous episode. I hope they continue at this pace. I also happily welcome the drama that will come our way as different parts of the story progress.

Lucky Romance Kdrama Salt

I’m ready for this week’s episodes. Finally, something I can hopefully watch all the way through. I can’t jinx it though.. I must be good luck *Sprinkles salt on the monitor*.

Until next episode! I’m going to try really hard to release these quick recaps in a more timely manner. Let’s see how I do.. *fingers crossed, knock on wood*.

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  1. I read on dramabeans that in the webtoon, the reason why she had to sleep with someone born in the year of a tiger was because she had led to the accidental death of a tiger in a previous lifetime and has been suffering because of it. So the reason why she has to sleep with a tiger now is like some sort of appeasement. Offer your body to the tiger and he shall stop being pissed at you (*wink *wink).

    I’m still waiting for them to explain the reason why in the drama though.

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