Beautiful Mind third Teaser


Can I just write gibberish right now? hjfkladsahsdjkhfadjkshfjkasdhfuahuknfejsh!

I’m getting really, really excited now for Beautiful Mind. It may have been a mess before they began with many uncertainties, but I can’t even explain how I fully feel after watching the third teaser. You probably think I’m crazy, because it was a super short clip, but Jang Hyuk people!!! Jang Hyuk. I see snippets of the actor Jang Hyuk I love and admire so much. The turmoil.. the expressions… he’s wearing and feeling his role.

In case you are wondering what I’m babbling about here’s the third teaser:

I was slow to watch it. Why didn’t I watch this right away? Why? Why!!!!!

I also took some screencaps so you can enjoy the wonderful expressions of Jang Hyuk.

Are you planning on watching this? I am, for sure. Hope it’s good, but after this teaser in particular it feels very promising.

Beautiful Mind starts June 20th and will air Mondays and Tuesdays.

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind third Teaser

  1. Interesting that the sign in the hospital hallway with his picture says “LIVE SURGERY”. My mind went all types of ways like “as opposed to dead surgery?” Or will he be “performing” surgery on closed captioned tv? lol

    It’ll be interesting to see how that translates out. It tickles me, the way S. Koreans try to apply the same wordplay with English that they do so wittily with their own language but it doesn’t quite work the same way. lol

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  2. Oh, I’m definitely watching this. I’m hoping the short drama airing in between will be enough to make the drama even more spectacular. Bring on the dramas people! Give me so many great dramas that I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself. Lol.

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      1. Omgosh ya!!! I totally forgot he’s in that mini drama you are talking about. I want to watch that too! Both of you, please don’t let me forget 🙂


      2. It starts tomorrow June 6. I’m hoping we’ll have fast subbers because if so, we can watch it on the 6th since they’re a day ahead in Korea.

        Whew! That brings back memories of when I was working and we had Japanese clients with filing deadlines and with them being a day ahead there was always confusion about when they actually wanted something done – or us getting it to them one day early in order for it to be on time in Japan. Don’t miss those days at all!

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      3. If Viki or DramaFever doesn’t have it, they’re are tons of *gulp* “other” sites streaming. I hesitate to name them here because at least one is on the run, changing their domain every few months. lol

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