Only One More Episode Left of Shameless

Sunday is fast approaching. It’s hard for me to believe that the Series Finale of the US rendition of Shameless is upon us. No more Alibi, Ian and Mickey (Gallavich), bickering Debbie and Lip… no more Liam looking after Frank or badass big heart cop Carl.

I’ve heard so murmuring of how thigs could have be done better, or how a lot of plot holes remain… but you know what? I am not complaining. This show has been a marvelous ride for me. It’s wonderful how long it was on. I think, despite loosing some big characters such as Fiona Gallagher along the way, it still remained really good.

I’ll be heading into the final episode with no expectations and just glad to experience whatever they have left to show us. It couldn’t have been easy filming during the pandemic but I feel they tied in enough real life things to keep it quite accurate while still feeling like Shameless.

The show is really raw, which I think was the initial draw from the majority of people. What kept me around was the characters… their stories, relationships, growths, trials, victories, tears, traumas, recoveries, failures.. and above all the love and support this crazy dysfunctional family has for each other. It may be broken in a lot of ways, but somehow it’s in fact a really strong, tried and true unit of unwavering support.

I suppose I should wait for the final episode, but I’ll still rate the series for now. I may be back to review the final episode and give a proper recap of the series.

There’s so much I’m going to miss about this series. One great thing about it though is it’s re-watch value.

Series Review 4.7/5