Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day 3 : Surrounded by Darkness…


I’ve reached the end of the three day quote challenge and yes it only took me 12 days to complete it, haha. Oh well, better late than never, right?

For my final quote I give you Daegil… Beautiful, wonderful, awesome Daegil. *Moment of silence to reflect on the marvellous character that is Daegil.

This contains spoilers, so if you plan on watching Chuno and haven’t yet, go watch it first before peaking at this post. 

Quote of the Day: From Chuno Episode 24


“Because I’m surrounded by darkness, I was unable to see your heart…” – Daegil, Chuno (The Slave Hunters) Episode 24

There are very few dramas where I’ve felt that one of the main characters was better suited with one the second leads. Chuno is one of them. Although I really like Lee Da Hae as an actress, Hye Won and Daegil were not well matched (at least not any more). But, Daegil’s heart was stuck in the past. He was surviving with the constant hope of regaining what he once had and wanted. The sad truth is, it was only a memory. Because Daegil’s mind and heart were only getting by on memories, he couldn’t accept Seol Hwa’s heart.


In one of the most beautiful moments of the drama, he has this heartbreaking, sincere brief period of time with Seol Hwa. It’s super sad, but was also strangely satisfying as I feel he’s being very honest and really connecting with her.

How tragic is it to be unable to see someone’s heart because of your own inner torments? It makes you wonder what could have been.. but tragically, this really was the only possible outcome.

For my drawing inspired by the quote, I’m reposting the Daegil drawings I made when I first watched the drama:

How did you feel about this scene? Did you interpret it the same way, or do have anything else to add?

I hope you enjoyed my quotes. Until next time.

Zhaoul’s Chuno Review

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