Drama and Movie Guide by Mood – Part 1: Let’s Ugly Cry

What to watch

When I’m in the middle of watching a show I really like, it’s such a fantastic feeling. I can look forward to subsequent episodes with joy, or marathon them if it’s an older show within a couple of intense days. If only I always had such luck. The truth is, this is not normally the way it goes.. at least certainly not recently. Perhaps I’m approaching the dreaded drama burn out, but lately when I scroll through shows to watch I go “Meh, meh, meh..”. Then I look through the movies and, “Well… I don’t really FEEL like that right now”. Now here’s scenario two: I start a show, but can’t get into it, or do get into it, but get bored towards the end despite my initial enthusiasm (or the enthusiasm of other drama watchers). So why is this happening? I’ve seen many great articles about some of the causes of drama burnouts and what you can do to get though it. They are very helpful, and sometimes suggest a much needed drama break… but here’s a different approach: find something really good (which is all we really want right?).

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Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day 3 : Surrounded by Darkness…


I’ve reached the end of the three day quote challenge and yes it only took me 12 days to complete it, haha. Oh well, better late than never, right?

For my final quote I give you Daegil… Beautiful, wonderful, awesome Daegil. *Moment of silence to reflect on the marvellous character that is Daegil.

This contains spoilers, so if you plan on watching Chuno and haven’t yet, go watch it first before peaking at this post. 

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The Jang Hyuk Stalkers Guide

The Jang Hyuk Stalkers Guide For Fans Or Anyone Curious

With the upcoming Korean remake of the Taiwanese Drama Fated to Love You beginning July 2nd, I thought this might be a good time to write a Jang Hyuk’s Stalkers Guide. There have been a lot of mixed feelings online about him playing the male lead in this upcoming Romantic Comedy. For anyone not very familiar with him, for the skeptics and for any fans that may have doubt about his ability to successfully pull off another Rom Com (yes, it’s really not his first), I want to give you some hope and reassurance.

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Happy Daegil Fan Art by Zhaoul

When I think of Daegil from Chuno, I think of all the pain he went through. It’s nice to think of Daegil with a smile for change. Here’s some happy Daegil Fan Art. Daegil, there’s nothing better than seeing you smile.

Happy Daegil

Choco ab Daegil by Zhaoul

Choco ab Daegil by Zhaoul

This is a long overdue requested fan art of Daegil (from the Kdrama Chuno) with his glorious chocolate abs. Oh, Daegil… you still look so sad. It breaks my heart. I just want to comfort you, but I know it won’t reach your bleeding heart.