Zhagassi’s First Post – The Return of Superman: Let’s go see Dinosaur!



I am Zhagassi. I am 9 years old. My mom is Zhaoul, if you know her. The reason that i’m writing now is that my mom does it and she gets tons of views (mom’s laughing). So I thought why can’t I. Another reason is that no people I know watch Korean shows, so I can’t discuss them with others. So this way, I can let people know about my interests and they’ll understand what I’m talking about.

the return of superman triplets tired

I’m going to talk about a show I’ve watched called The Return of Superman. In The Return of Superman, well, if you have never watched it, this is just a brief paragraph so you know what it’s about. In The Return of Superman, a Korean actor will just be his normal self, but he will be with his kids. Crazy things usually happen. I don’t know the actor’s name, but in my favourite episode the actor is on a cool trip with his three little boys. His three little boys all get tired of walking, so the actor ends up with a son on his back and the other ones ended up in the actor’s left and right hand.

The Return of Superman Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating

The show The Return of Superman always gets my attention, so it makes me want to watch more. So I’m going to wrap it up now. I hope I have sparked your attention so you will watch The Return of Superman too. Oh and be sure to comment if you would like me to make another post. Thanks for listening.

-Zhagassi out.


7 thoughts on “Zhagassi’s First Post – The Return of Superman: Let’s go see Dinosaur!

  1. Congratulations and you did a wonderful job on your first post, Zhagassi! I love it. I watch The Return of Superman on and off but if you continue to blog, I might be your faithful reader *wink*.


  2. Great first post! By the time you get to High School you’ll be a pro at this 🙂 And even though no one your age is watching Korean shows, this means you can be the first to do the show and tell at school! Good luck!


  3. Hello Zhagassi, congratulations on your first post!

    Your mission was successful, you managed to spark my interest!
    I haven’t had the chance to watch that variety show yet, but I will trust your judgement and when I find some time to fit it in my watch-schedule, I shall get right down to it. 😉


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