Drama and Movie Guide by Mood – Part 1: Let’s Ugly Cry

What to watch

When I’m in the middle of watching a show I really like, it’s such a fantastic feeling. I can look forward to subsequent episodes with joy, or marathon them if it’s an older show within a couple of intense days. If only I always had such luck. The truth is, this is not normally the way it goes.. at least certainly not recently. Perhaps I’m approaching the dreaded drama burn out, but lately when I scroll through shows to watch I go “Meh, meh, meh..”. Then I look through the movies and, “Well… I don’t really FEEL like that right now”. Now here’s scenario two: I start a show, but can’t get into it, or do get into it, but get bored towards the end despite my initial enthusiasm (or the enthusiasm of other drama watchers). So why is this happening? I’ve seen many great articles about some of the causes of drama burnouts and what you can do to get though it. They are very helpful, and sometimes suggest a much needed drama break… but here’s a different approach: find something really good (which is all we really want right?).

I get discouraged, because I know in my mind the type of drama or movie I want, but I can’t find something that meets that criteria. Then there’s that risk that you start something and it won’t be very good.

I’ve compiled a list of some movie and drama suggestions to suit your current mood. This is based on my personal taste, and you might think… wow, what terrible suggestions she has, haha! Well, if you have other favorites, I’d love to here how your lists may differ from mine. This article became a monstrous beast that morphed on it’s own. Because of this, I decided to break it up into a series. Each series, which I will release weekly, will feature a different “Mood”. For week one, I’ve opted for “When you really need a good cry”.

So let us begin!!

When you really need a good cry

Sad dramas and movies are not for everyone; but for me, they can be liberating, healing and tap into an emotional side which can be extremely therapeutic.

One more note… all these suggested tearjerkers also have various levels of romance. Whether it be forbidden love, bad timing, words left unspoken or a raw deal of circumstance, the romance is sure to hit you in the face and rip your heart out (so prepare the tissues).

Tearjerker Dramas

Glass Slippers

Glass Slippers Korean Drama Banner

Maybe a 2002 drama that is 40 episodes doesn’t look all that tantalizing to you.. but this is one of the better older dramas I’ve seen of this genre.

If you are a big So Ji Sub fan, take the time and watch it. Don’t steer clear of it because you are afraid it will be a case of second lead syndrome. Despite it being and earlier So Ji Sub drama, he really shows his acting chops and future potential. Don’t be intimated by the length of the drama either. I was at first.. I try to avoid long dramas if I can, but this one went by quickly for me and it was well worth it. Be prepared to be extremely annoyed though, and extremely emotional.

kdrama Quick review rating

Bittersweet Life (La Dolce Vita)

Bittersweet Life Kdrama Banner

If the title itself doesn’t warn you, I don’t know what will…honestly the title says it all.

This is a very dark melodrama with a very, sexy, intense, captivating and yet complicated love affair. The villain is infuriating, but so are the main characters. Everyone is flawed, broken and weak in their own way. It’s very psychological which adds another elements of interest. Certainly not your typical romance, but the chemistry is undeniable.

kdrama Quick review rating


Chuno The Slave Hunters banner

Not only emotional but fantastically epic. One of my all time favorite sageuks. Great cast, and emotional from different character perspectives. Daegil still remains my #1 drama character.

kdrama Quick review rating

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen Kdrama Banner

Maybe not everyone would agree with me but I really liked this drama. There were a few areas that could have been improved, but oh boy was I ever emotional when watching it. I think it may be perhaps one of my favorite Hyun Bin dramas.

kdrama Quick review rating

1 Litre of Tears

1 Litre Of Tears Jdorama Banner

Saddest drama I’ve ever seen, by far. But, trust me, it’s a lovely journey. This drama is based on a true story. I cried in almost every single episode.

Maybe it’s cruel of me, but I wish everyone would watch this. It’s so moving and excruciatingly sad with a lasting impression. It really illustrates the beauty of family, friendship and love. I avoided this drama for a long time but finally caved and watched it.

1 Litre of Tears Review

kdrama Quick review rating

Tearjerker Movies

More than Blue

More than blue Korean Movie Banner

Sad… sad.. sad.. You know what is sad? Missing a wonderful opportunity, leaving words left unspoken. This movie is torture but so beautiful because the love between the lead’s is very strong. It shows that very thin line between friendship and romance..

kdrama Quick review rating

Koizora: The Movie

Koizora the Movie

I heard the series is better; but after watching the movie, I don’t think I can handle the series, to be quite honest. I’m not really sure what I liked so much about the movie, because at times the characters were really quite foolish and immature. Also it wasn’t a flawless love, it was an honest young love… and it was portrayed with some imagery which makes the soul dream and hope for the best.

kdrama Quick review rating


Windstruck Korean Movie

After I first watched this movie, I was mad at the movie. I was caught off guard. I didn’t expect what it became. As a result I scored it pretty low when I initially reviewed it. The movie was sort of bipolar; or had some kind of a split personality.

The good thing about the split genre though, is it really adds to the shock value.

The wind… the wind…. you can feel it, you can see things being gently swayed by it, but you cannot see it. If you want to be emotionally destroyed, I dare you to watch … even if you dislike it.. just to see your reaction.

kdrama Quick review rating to kdrama Quick review rating

Windstruck Review

The Sword with No Name

The Sword with No Name Korean Movie

This one is violent…but the romance left me wanting more. If only I could re-write the movie… (this is why I call myself kdramadreamer.. ever so often *cough, often* I like to rewrite stories in my head or continue the story once it has ended). Anyway, this film has a really well done scene which really hightens and adds a level of emotional torment to a forbidden love. I won’t spoil.. Even though their were obvious barriers prohibiting the love, the connection was palpable.

kdrama Quick review rating


Daisy 2006 Korean Movie fan art banner

A Love Triangle you do not want to be a part of…

This is not a fun love triangle (not that they ever are) but this one especially is a disaster waiting and destined to happen.

Three Different Perspectives

One of the best things about this movie is how we get a little more information as we hear the perspectives of each individual character. I really like when a story unfolds that way and it is usually quite an eye opener.

There’s something about this movie I really loved. I struggle to find the words to explain why I liked it so much. There wasn’t a whole lot going on. The pace of the movie was very slow, and it had a very sad undertone. There was a lot of very unfortunate timing in this movie. If only he had met her before he committed his first murder… if only he had the courage to introduce himself before she met someone else… if only she realized who he really was sooner… if only, if only, if only.

kdrama Quick review rating

Warning Signs in Movie and Dramas of Sadness to Come

Did you ever start watching something, and you weren’t sure of the level of sadness to come? Well, here are a few signs that you may be in for a roller coaster of emotions:

Early on emphasis on headaches

Possible causes: Brain tumor, Alzheimer’s, other illnesses

Coughing out blood

Possible causes: Probably cancer.

Unexplained Fainting

Possible causes: Most likely cancer.

Forgetting silly little things

Possible causes: Alzheimer’s, dementia, possibly brain tumor

If a fever accompanying one, or multiple of the above symptoms, followed by a deterioration of health: They are most likely going to die.

Thanks for reading. I will be back next week with part 2.

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