Transit Girls Jdorama Series Quick Review (Girls Love)

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Title: Transit Girls トランジットガールズ
Genre: Romance, Girls Love (Yuri)

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Quick Synopsis: Sayuri’s father and Yui’s mother are getting married which will make them step-sisters. Sayuri in particular is not a fan of this unexpected change in her life. After some serious resistance to her new blended family, Sayuri (Itoh Sairi) and Yui (Sakuma Yui) start developing an attraction and bond outside of sisterly affection. How will this effect the family dynamic?

Bring on the Girls Love

Transit Girls - Girls Love

Just like the drama, my review is going to be short and sweet. Honestly, I haven’t seen very many (if any) Girls Love dramas before. Think what you will, but I’ve seen quite a bit of Boys Love (Yaoi) so I think it’s only fair to also check out a Girls Love drama. I’m a firm believer in love is love, and I thought this drama illustrated that very well.

This is a delightful drama, and at 8 episodes, only 25 minutes each, it’s not only easy to watch, but you can breeze through it in one drama sitting.

Even though the drama is short, the character development was quite good. I feel I understood each character and what drove them emotionally. I could also see a change in the characters as the story progressed.

The romance was tasteful. The chemistry could be felt, but they also managed to keep it cute and light. You could certainly feel the attraction between the two female leads. It did not feel forced or fake.

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I really liked how both Sayuri and Yui had very different personalities, but they complemented each other nicely. Sayuri is cute and innocent. She’s also emotional, sensitive but strong and has confidence to speak her mind. Yui internalizes her emotions more. She is an observer and a bit of an introvert. She exudes sexiness, but in a natural, effortless, non-conceded kind of way. She is more experienced in worldly things than Sayuri, and is attracted to Sayuri’s purity and effortless nature.

I couldn’t believe how cute some of the scenes were.
I really liked seeing Sayuri’s character develop and come into her own. At first she seems very cold and a little childish but we quickly see her charming and sweet characteristics. Yui really brings out a positive side of Sayuri, and helps Sayuri properly express her feelings. It’s understandable why Yui likes her.

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Yui really comes alive around Sayuri. Sayuri is like a bright light to Yuri which allows her to see everything with a new brighter perspective.

Final Thoughts

If you are up for a Girls Love romance, Transit Girl’s is sweet, loving, accepting and plain adorable. It reminds us that even in complicated circumstances, love is love despite of gender or society’s opinion.The drama encourages tolerance and is plain cute.

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

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2 thoughts on “Transit Girls Jdorama Series Quick Review (Girls Love)

  1. Between the two, I love Sayuri the most. She’s the most rebellious girl and once she’s tamed, she is as sweet as hell. I love watching her development throughout the show.

    And I’m surprise by this drama… It wasn’t as risqué as I thought it would be! I really hope we get to see more of girls love drama in future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t sure about Sayuri at first, but I ended up really liking her. I thought it would be maybe risqué too, but it had that hint of sexy without going too overboard. I would also be happy to see more girls love dramas. Thanks for checking out my thoughts Missienelly 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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