Sophie’s Revenge – Quick Movie Review


Revenge movies can be quite predictable but fun and lighthearted. I was in the mood for something simple and funny, so I thought this might be the right choice.

There were some aspects of this movie that weren’t bad. It wasn’t fantastic, but the love story was cute enough and the interaction Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) had with her ex Jeff (So Ji-Sub).


What I wasn’t so keen on is that a lot of it was rather cringe worthy. Comedic revenge plots usually have that effect on me. Sophie’s plan for revenge wasn’t always well executed and more often than not she would completely humiliate herself. I don’t like feeling embarrassed for the main character when watching a movie, but that’s exactly how I felt.

I won’t lie though, my main reason for watching was because I’m still marathon watching So Ji Sub movies and dramas. I was curious to see him in this Chinese movie. He doesn’t play the lead, but he does a rather fine job at this secondary character.

Sophie and the main male lead, Gordon (Peter Ho) are cute together. Their characters fit well together and I enjoyed their joint scenes.

It’s not the best, but if you need a break from intense dramas, this movie might be a nice little change for you. It’s not too long either, so it’s not dragged out.

Rating 2.3/5

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