Fan Art by Zhaoul: Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae) in Kdrama Robber

Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (Lee Da Hae) kiss in Robber Kdrama by zhaoul

I have a couple of reviews on the go right now, but I’m feeling sort of stuck. I’m having trouble expressing what I want to in words.

So I decided to escape with a little of FanArt therapy, and finalize My Oh Joon (played by actor Jang Hyuk) and Dal Rae (played by actress Lee Da Hae) from the Kdrama Robber.

Oh Joon is a con artist, but Dal Rae makes him want to change. Can there me salvation for someone who has wronged so many in unforgivable ways? Worth watching.

Hope you enjoy!


Kdrama Robber (2008) Review – Don’t underestimate this drama

Look at this man. I mean, really look at him.


Now, imagine this; So you meet this man. He looks at you gently and smiles. What do you do? There he is, talking to you softly, making you feel special. He’s attractive, charming with a good job. He’s interested in you. He thinks you are beautiful. You go on several dates with this man. He tells you that you remind him of his older sister who passed away some time ago. He wants to protect you the way he was unable to protect his sister.


You can’t help but gaze into his eyes and admire his beautifully chiseled face. You are both getting closer. You trust him. Why wouldn’t you trust him? He’s honest, caring and very respectful. He kisses you softly and your heart melts…. Meeeeelting…!

Now guess what? He’s a jerk! Wait, no. Jerk is too gentle. He’s a womanizer, con-man, penny-less slob who would use anyone and everyone under the sun including taking advantage of his best friend. Wait! What!? That’s not all? His sister isn’t dead!? He used that line on multiple other women!? He keeps a list with women’s names he’s dating, where they work and how much money he can get from them!? He has no issue taking everything from the women he uses. To add that, if you dropped dead, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Unreal. What kind of jerk is this? The king of the jerks! The jerkiest, jerk-jerk! Oh, by the way his name is Kwon O-Joon, (played by the forever amazing and truly talented Jang Hyuk)!


Now are you still interested in this man? Is there any hope for this man? Does someone like this deserve happiness?  Can someone like this truly repent and change? What would allow him to experience such a drastic change?

This is the premise of the 2008 Kdrama Robber. It’s worth watching. This is the best underrated drama I’ve seen. I enjoyed it immensely. I was feeling a little sour, because I read a couple of reviews where people had very different opinions than my own and didn’t enjoy it the way I did. I guess this will always happen. It doesn’t change the fact that I think it’s a really good drama. If you haven’t seen it, and you decide to watch it, you’ll have to let me know what you think.


There are many things I like about this drama. First of all, I like that it’s not the typical arrogant rich guy – poor girl love story. Our main character is not rich at all. He has nothing. In fact, what he has is a huge pile of debt and the loan sharks are after him. As for arrogance, arrogance is the least of his problems. He needs a complete personality over-hall. As dislikeable as he is for a very large portion of the show, he’s mesmerizing. I’d get frustrated, yes, but he would also draw me in. Despite being a jerk, he holds a certain level of charm that most people don’t have (charisma if you will). Once he really starts to fall for the main character, you see a gradual change where all the sudden he feels something he never felt before: Guilt.


Jin Dal-Lae (played by Lee Dae Hae) is the first woman who hasn’t immediately fallen for his charm. I think this really catches him off guard and causes him to be drawn to her personality, even though he is trying to get a hold of all her money so he can pay off his debts.


Now on top of this, many of the characters are very realistic. They deal with real life issues and personalities that you commonly see. Some of the topics that they touch in this drama include suicide, alcoholism, gambling, overwhelming debt, homosexuality, illness and spousal abuse.

Go, go Power Rangers!

Don’t get the wrong idea; it’s not all super depressing. Yes, there are some very serious parts, some very sad and troubling parts. But there are also very many sweet moments and funny moments. I find it very well balanced. Even though some of the circumstances may a little melodramatic, the reactions the characters have to what’s going on around them seems very real and believable to me.


Jin Dal-Lae was easy to relate to. I haven’t been through what she has. I’m not a single mom with a deceased husband, but I think I would react a similar way to Kwon O-Joon’s charm. Her mother in law sets her up with a blind date towards the beginning of the show. I loved her reaction.


Lee Dae Hae has lots of fantastic crying scenes (as did Jang Hyuk). The way she’d cry as she’s find out various information about Kwon O-Joon, I could also understand. Her attachment to him also seemed very real. She’s a very forgiving person. It takes her a while to open up her heart, but when she does, there’s no closing it.

And the award for sexiest male second lead of 2008 goes to…..

Let’s take a second to talk about the second male lead, Mr. Green teeth smexy himself. I’ve recently posted my top ten favorite second leads. I’m afraid this ajusshi didn’t make the cut. So Kim Jin-Goo (played by Kim Jung-Tae) is our second male lead. In my opinion He’s not very attractive. He doesn’t really have charm or a good personality. He’s pretty cold and socially awkward. He doesn’t know how to get along with other people and is even more clueless when it comes to children. His character does soften up a bit as Jin Dal-Lae tries to coach him on how essentially to act more human. He made me laugh a few times.

Watch so you can see very many bizarre moments like this

Now back to Kwon O-Joon. We’ve already gone over the negatives of Kwon O-Joon but there are a lot of positives as he starts to change for the better. For one, he cracks me up with all his dancing and showing off. He often dances or does something weird out in public.

Mr. Show-Off doing push ups with his thumb.
Look at them back muscles.

Here he is again, Mr. Dancy pants – always with the dancy-dancy.

10 seconds.. just give me 10 seconds to dance!

So, besides his comedic moments, He also has the sweetest moments with Jang Yu-Jin (played by Kim Hwan-Hee). When they meet, they create an immediate bond and he seems like a natural father.


My absolute very favorite moment between them is when she rubs his chest. The way he looks at her as she does this tells me that she’s completely melted his heart with her compassion.

If you really like dramas with kissing, this drama also has some pretty good kissing scenes. Lee Dae Hae and Jang Hyuk had really good chemisty.


There a lot of other moments I would like to share, but I don’t want to spoil it too much for those who might be interested in watching it for the first time.


I would like to give a special thanks Drama Fan from stuckonhyuk and Hyuk Ahjussi devoted fan from ahjussifan for letting me use their amazing Robber gifs. They are really well done and they help illustrate the awesomeness that is this drama. If you like Jang Hyuk, you should really follow Drama Fan and Gumi from Stuckonhyuk and Hyuk Adjusshi devoted fan (adjussifan). I go to them for my Jang Hyuk fix. It’s thanks to you three that I even discovered him.

A very good Drama! Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

My rating 4.7/5

Now, I must part with you all so I can get back to watching Chuno. I’m so scared to finish it though… So intense.