Drama and Movie Guide by Mood – Part 1: Let’s Ugly Cry

What to watch

When I’m in the middle of watching a show I really like, it’s such a fantastic feeling. I can look forward to subsequent episodes with joy, or marathon them if it’s an older show within a couple of intense days. If only I always had such luck. The truth is, this is not normally the way it goes.. at least certainly not recently. Perhaps I’m approaching the dreaded drama burn out, but lately when I scroll through shows to watch I go “Meh, meh, meh..”. Then I look through the movies and, “Well… I don’t really FEEL like that right now”. Now here’s scenario two: I start a show, but can’t get into it, or do get into it, but get bored towards the end despite my initial enthusiasm (or the enthusiasm of other drama watchers). So why is this happening? I’ve seen many great articles about some of the causes of drama burnouts and what you can do to get though it. They are very helpful, and sometimes suggest a much needed drama break… but here’s a different approach: find something really good (which is all we really want right?).

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Time for the weekend, time for MOVIES!!!


It’s the weekend – Woohoo! I really enjoy watching movies over the weekend, especially if I’m in the need of a mini drama break …it does happen!

I’ve written an article giving you a couple of movie suggestions that’s currently on mydramalist.com if you want to check it out.

The movie recommendations I give are Miss Granny, Koizora and Rough Cut. Miss Granny is super funny, Koizora is a very emotional, tear-jerking romantic Japanese Movie and Rough cut is action packed and has an amazing cast.

Full article on MDL: Zhaoul’s Weekend Movie Recommendations to Suit your Mood

Has anyone seen any good movies lately? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Expanding my blog beyond Kdramas

JJ Feild and Keri Russell in Austenland

So in the past year I’ve immersed myself into the world of Kdramas and Korean Movies. I’ve watched a lot, and enjoyed it immensely. In the past few weeks I’ve noticed myself starting to slow down on my obsession. I’m still watching Kdramas, but not daily, and not marathon watching like I previously was. I’ve always enjoyed TV and movies from many different countries (mostly British at the moment). I want to start sharing some of the one’s I’ve enjoyed with you, while I continue to watch and also review Kdramas. I also would like to start an anime/manga section, which has been my intention for some time now.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things I would like to review other than Kdramas:

Canadian Series

  • Being Erica
Time Travel for Self Awareness

American Series

  • Breaking Bad 4/5 (Interesting)
  • Orange is the New Black 3.5/5 (Raw and Honest)
  • The Office 4/5 (Funny)

British Comedies

  • The Office (UK) 4/5 (Funny and Face palm)
  • Keeping Up Appearances 4/5 (Social Climbing Seeker Hilarity)
  • Bottom 3.5/5 (So very wrong but yet I laugh..)

British Dramas

  • North & South (Watch list)
  • Downtown Abbey (Watch list)


  • The Last King of Scotland 4.8/5 (Must See)
  • Basketball Diaries 4.5/5 (one of my favorites of all time)
  • Austenland 4/5 -Bias rating 3/5 -Critical Rating
Austenland – Keri Russell and JJ Feild : Cute Romantic Comedy with a jolt of Jane Austen


  • Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 5/5
  • Natsume Yuujinchou 5/5 (To be able to see what others cannot see..)
  • Katekyō Hitman Reborn! 5/5 (Great action Anime)
  • Full Metal Alchemist 5/5
Full Metal Alchemist – Amazing… I cried

Attack on Titan 3/5

Attack on Titan – Super Gory but interesting messed up story


  • The One (Manhua) 3.8/5 (Romantic melodramatic sensual story)
  • Skip Beat! 4/5
Skipbeat! Funny, sweet romance

Love so Life 4/5 (Cute)


  • Dil bole hadippa 4/5 
dil bole hadippa
Dil bole hadippa – Really Funny, Romantic Gender Bender

This is not a full list, but rather a sneak peek of things I would like to add and discuss on my blog.