Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day 1 : A Problem Within My Heart…

I think one of the things I love the most about dramas is the insight into the human soul and often very deep wisdom. Dramas can cause us reflect. That is why I chose to accept the three day quote challenge bestowed upon me by Kay from KdramaKisses and Kwon Sang Seung From Dramajjang (two really fantastic blogs by the way, I kid you not).

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Bubblegum Kdrama Episode 13-14 Quick Thoughts

Bubblegum kdrama episode 14 banner

What’s this? How did this happen? We are already in our final week of Bubblegum. It flew by so quickly.

Episodes 13-14 were of course quite exciting because *SPOILER* they were the much anticipated bubbly couple reunion.

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Currently watching Bubblegum


Hey guys,

I wrote an article for (MDL) titled “Currently Watching Bubblegum”. It’s a spoiler free article discussing the Kdrama Bubblegum for those who’ve been unsure about watching it (or for those who are watching it and just want to read it).

Full Article available here:

Feel free to let me know what you think.