Doctor Stranger Episode 6 Review – The title is taking on a new meaning


**Read with Caution – Contains Spoilers**

Alright! We’ve reached episode 6, and still… Confusion! I have to say though, I’m loving it despite the unanswered questions I have. But what I really want to know (and I’m sure everyone else wants to know as well) is this really Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon)? If it’s Jae Hee, is she working with the North Korean side to get close to Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) so she can protect him? Has she lost her memories? Is she a Doppleganger? Has she been brainwashed? Does she have a twin? Did she have a face transplant? Was she somehow not who he thought she was? Heck, does she have multiple personalities!!!! Yes, I know, that last one is perhaps a stretch. I think everyone was hoping for some answers this episode, but I think they’re going to stretch out this mystery for a while. It’s also possible that once we think we’ve truly figured her out they’ll throw another wrench at us and confuse us some more.

Great Episode Moments


Doctor Oh and Doctor Park Moments

So Dr. Oh (Kang So Ra) and Dr. Park (Lee Jong Suk) moments are continuing to prove to be my guilty pleasure with this Drama. Yes, yes, I know he’s in love with Jae Hee, but we still don’t know much about what has happened to her. In the meantime until we have more clarity, these moments have been really great. I feel like Dr. Oh is starting to feel a growing connection and attraction towards Park Hoon. I’m going to feel really bad if this ends up as a one-sided love for her.


Face Touching

I love the moment when he’s passed out from drinking and she reaches for his face. Dr. Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) watches her from a distance as she does this and in his jealousy he calls her to see if she’ll be honest about her whereabouts. Some may wonder why she lies. Well, it seems obvious to me. Even though she didn’t really do anything wrong, she feels guilty and is starting to realize she likes him. 


Drunken Falling

Then they had a few sexy awkward moments. First there was him passing out drunk bringing her down with him and holding her tightly. Of course though, in this moment he says Jae Hee’s name. He really loves and misses her.


Awkward Out of the Shower Moment

Then he accidentally walks in on her just after she’s had a shower. Well, at least she was wrapped in a towel or I think she would have died from embarrassment.


Sweet but sad Dr. Oh looking nervous

Another really cute moment which shows us how Dr. Oh is feeling is when they are at her deceased mother’s house. As Dr. Park is leaving, we can see Dr. Oh’s nervousness in her hands. You can tell she’s anxious by how she keeps moving her hands and touching her arms. I think many women have nervous ticks when they are around someone they like. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I think it’s pretty adorable though, but at the end she looked somewhat sad. I wonder if it’s going to end up in heartbreak. I think it’s really too early to tell which direction this is going to go in. But I must say, I do like Dr. Oh’s character. Can Dr. Park ever love her the way he loves Jae Hee? That really depends on “Who is Jae Hee”. I thought the title Doctor Stranger was referring to Park Hoon, but now I think perhaps it’s referring to Jae Hee.


Comedy Relief

Now, in the mist of this ever so serious suspenseful plot, I’m glad to see we continue to still have some comedic relief. I find that really helps keeping this drama well balanced. Dr. Moon (Choi Jung Woo) is funny! I want to nickname him Doctor Goofball.

Doctor Stranger Episode 6

Additional Comments

I could barely watch the torture scene of the North Korean Cha Jin-Soo (Park Hae-Joon). I’m not a fan of his character, but that was just brutal *shiver*.


I feel so bad for Hoon right now. He sees the woman he loves right in front of him, but she claims that she’s not her. He doesn’t know what to believe, but he desperately needs to know.

Where were all the medical scenes in this episode? We didn’t get to see many but I forgive it, because it delivered in other ways. But I do want to see some more amazing Park Hoon saving people moments.


Final Thoughts

I want more!!! More Dr. Stranger please! I’m still enjoying this and it rocks. Dr. Stranger, Hwaiting!

So, I’m curious what everyone thinks about Jae Hee. Any theories out there that can be backed up from what we’ve seen so far? Personally, if I were to guess right now I would say it’s her, but she’s been brainwashed, or she’s pretending. If she’s pretending though, why did she look so clueless in the last episode when watching herself in the video? I’m not committed to any theory. Truth is I just don’t know.

Episode Rating: 4.7/5