Kdramadreamer Nosebleed Section – My Top 5 favorite Ahjussi’s

favorite ahjussis
favorite ahjussis

I’m not a big fan of flower boys. I know a lot of you may prefer flower boys, or have some flower boys that you like. There are a few flower boys that I can appreciate but I am more of an ahjussi fan. This may be partially because of my age; I’m 29. I like watching a mature, manly-man rather than a young actor who looks like a teen.

Here’s my top 5 countdown list of favorite actors (who happen to all be ahjussi’s). I have not merely selected them for their looks but most importantly for their talent. These 5 actors I feel are all wonderful actors who are well seasoned and have mastered their craft. I do have to warn you.. this post was originally intended to highlight acting, but somewhere along the way I got a little carried away. It’s seem to taken a bit of a sexy turn.

So this is your warning, lots of hotness to follow. You’ve been double warned.

#5 Hyun Bin


Birthdate: September 25, 1982
Height: 184cm

What I’ve seen him in:


  • Secret Garden
  • The World that we live in
  • My Name is Kim Sam-soon
  • Ireland
  • The Snow Queen


  • Come Rain Come Shine
  • Late Autumn
  • A Millionaire’s First Love

I plan on watching him in:

  • King’s Wrath (2014)

Why I love him:

Hyun Bin was my very first Ahjussi crush. I first discovered him in Secret Garden. I thought he did a really good job acting in this drama. This was a really good character for him to play because it showed his versatility. He could be a jerk, act like a woman and be very heartfelt with lots of tears. He made me cry when he was in the car holding Gil Ra-im and also when he was crying in his house. I haven’t liked everything I’ve seen him in, but I can always appreciate his acting no matter what he plays.

Does he look good without his shirt on? I couldn’t find any resent pictures of him shirtless. Maybe he’s not as muscular as the other’s on my list, but I can see some ab action going on under this shirt. Looking good Hyun Bin.


Can he kiss? Yes he can!


My Favorite Kiss of his is from the movie Late Autumn (pictured below).


#4 Van Ness Wu

Birthdate: August 7, 1978
Height: 180cm


Everyone else on my list is a Korean Actor, but I couldn’t leave out this amazing American born Taiwanese Actor.

What I’ve seen him in:


  • Autumn’s Concerto
  • Meteor Garden
  • Ti Amo Chocolate

Why I love him:

This is an actor/performer/designer with a lot of heart. He’s very true to himself and is very vocal about what he believes. I think this is okay, because he doesn’t push it on other people, he’s just a very passionate person. He’s a really great singer, and I enjoy a lot of his older and newer music. When I first saw him in Autumn’s Concerto I was seriously blown away by his acting skills. I hope he does more dramas. He’s really good in dramas. He seems to be focusing more on his singing career and designing at the moment.

Does he look good without his shirt on? Yes (and I know, technically his shirt is still on, and so was So Ji Sub’s, but I think you get what I’m trying to say).


Can he kiss? Yes Indeed. Look at that kiss from Autumn’s Concerto.


#3 Gong Yoo

Birthdate: July 10, 1979
Height: 184cm


What I’ve seen him in:


  • Coffee Prince
  • Big
  • Biscuit Teacher Star Candy
  • The S Diaries


  • Finding Mr. Destiny


Running Man

I plan on watching him in:

Silenced (aka The Crucible)

Why I love him:

I fell for Gong Yoo’s charm in Coffee Prince. He was able to convey an inner struggle on screen in a way that I could feel the turmoil he was experiencing. After Coffee Prince, I went on the hunt for more Gong Yoo. I’m trying to get the courage to sit down and watch the Crucible. It’s based on a true story. If I understand correctly (and you can correct me if I’m wrong) Gong Yoo read the novel “Dokani” while in the Military. It talks about true events where hearing-impaired children were being horribly physically and sexually abused at their school. He contacted the writer and that’s how the ball got rolling. After the film came out, they reopened the investigation. A bill was then passed to abolish sex crimes against children and the disabled. His personal conviction in exposing this matter is pretty amazing. Great actor and human.

Does he look good without his shirt on? Yes. Now, are those tattoos real? I’m guessing no but they still look good.


Can he kiss? Why yes he can. Thank you for asking.


I really like this one too from Finding Mr. Destiny. She’s all embarrassed and then he goes in for the kiss.


And my number one favorite Ahjusshi is… Drum-roll please..

#2 So Ji-Sub

Birthdate: November 4, 1977
Height: 183cm


What I’ve seen him in:


  • Master’s Sun
  • Road No. 1
  • Sorry, I Love You (2004 Drama Series)
  • What Happened in Bali (currently watching)
  • We’re Dating Now


  • Always (2011 Movie)
  • The Company Man
  • Sophie’s Revenge

I plan on watching him in:

  • Ghost (aka Phantom, 2012 Drama Series)
  • I am Ghost (Bee TV series)

Why I love him:  Okay, first of all, previously I had So Ji Sub listed at #4, but I’ve moved him up to #2. I originally posted this some time ago, but since I’ve been watching so much So Ji Sub lately, I needed to update this.

What I thought was so brilliant about him in Master’s was his hand gestures. He kept cracking me up. From the other clips I’ve seen in him you can really tell that he’s a strong actor and has taken on many different types of roles and genres. Watching him in some behind the scenes clips, he looks like a cool guy.

I have a lot more to say about him, but I need to update and elaborate on this section. I’m currently marathon watching his work, so you’ll see more updates to this soon.

Does he look good without his shirt on? Oh, yes he does! Don’t you just wanna touch them abs. Those are some fine abs.


Can he kiss? Yes! But I couldn’t find very good images of him kissing.


#1 Jang Hyuk!!!!

Birth date: December 20, 1976
Height: 177 cm


What I’ve seen him in:


Thank You
Chuno (Currently still watching)



Five Sense of Eros
Searching For The Elephant
Dance of the Dragon
Please Teach Me English


Running Man
Healing Camp

I plan on watching him in:

Tree With Deep Roots

Well, I plan on watching him in pretty much everything. But I think I’ll start with these two most likely. I have so much Jang Hyuk to watch and not enough hours in the day!

Why I love him:

Jang Hyuk has made me want to act again. When I was younger, I used to do a lot of theater and I almost pursued an acting career instead of Graphic Design. I chose not to pursue acting because I figured Graphic Design would be a more realistic career path, but acting was my true passion. I’ve never been in film (with the exception of a role as an extra in the Canadian movie Kayla (1999). Back in the day, I was in a lot of plays with our local theater group and I also performed in School Productions. I did a lot of skits as well with a different theater group and attended some acting and improv classes. I was going through my college applications and wanted to study acting. I was nervous about the acting audition, not for the monologue, but for the singing portion of the audition. I can’t really sing very well.

Zhaoul at kdramadreamer
Me back in acting days, 2nd from the right in dark clothes, looking pale and Gothic. Not my usual look. I’m trying to look fierce. Not my actual personality. We were pretending to be a band.

On top of that, I was taking this acting class where I felt the teacher was very critical of me and I was being challenged with some of the scenes we were working on. Despite the fact that it seemed like he didn’t like me very much, he made me the assistant director in a play he was directing and he cast me in a minor roll. The first night’s performance was fine, but the second night I forgot my lines. I somehow recovered it in a way that wasn’t noticeable to the audience, but I felt devastated that I messed up. I don’t know why I let myself get so discouraged, because I basically gave up trying after that and didn’t end up finalizing my college application for the acting program. When I watched Jang Hyuk in healing camp, I started to tear up when he was talking about how he really struggled as an actor when he first started out. I’m so glad he didn’t give up because he’s sooooo very talented. I’m not saying I made the wrong choice by not following acting, but I do think I would like to find an amateur theater group or an improv class to dabble in the art again. He brings acting alive and reminds me of why I love it so much.


Jang Hyuk is breaking my heart right now in Chuno. I was going to marathon watch it, but the emotions his character makes me feel are sometimes difficult for me to deal with for some reason.


When I watch his work, I see a progression in his acting. I think he was always good, but he’s really grown as an actor and become extremely versatile. I like how Drama Fan told me he looks the best in motion. I really like that statement. I think one thing that makes him truly unique when he’s doing action scenes is how much feeling he puts into it. He never breaks character once. He’s breathing in the character with every movement.


In interviews when he speaking, he may not shout and have a loud personality, but he has no reason to. You can’t help but hang on to every word he says because he’s so engaging.

He’s also helped me gain an appreciation for different genres of drama and film. For a while, I was sticking with Romantic Comedies because I get very emotional when watching anything heavy (I think this has a lot to do with the theatrical side of me). Because I like his acting so much, it has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and really enjoy and experience different types of dramas and Korean movies. I can’t say everything he’s been in has been fantastic, but even if the drama or movie isn’t great, I just focus on him and appreciate his talent for the art.

I’m looking forward to watching this Sageuk – Tree with Deep Roots

Jang Hyuk, if I could ever speak to you, I would tell you thank you for bringing the art form of acting alive and giving me the desire to perform again. Keep doing what you do. I’m going to keep watching and admiring you from afar, cheering you on. Jang Hyuk, Fighting!


Does he look good without his shirt on? Oh You know he does!


Look at those beautiful abs and strong shoulders.


Intense eyes staring with no shirt. Omo! I wonder if he’s ticklish..


Can he kiss? Do you have to ask? Of course he can! Yes, yes and Yes! I like this soft kiss from Chuno. The extended version where they don’t zoom out is even better. It’s very tender and sweet.


Iris 2 may not have been a very good series, but I think we can all appreciate this.


I have yet to watch this drama, but I look forward to it. Someone has to remind me of what it’s called so I can watch it.

its_kiss_part1 its_kisspart2

Scene from Searching for the Elephant. Aren’t they cute?


I wish I could find a gif for the Five Senses Of Eros. I may make one at some point. I didn’t actually like the movie, but I liked the first 15 minutes of it when Jang Hyuk was in it. I think it would have been nice if they would have elaborated on that story. It’s a compilation of short films. The first story with Jang Hyuk is very sexy and has a pretty amazing kiss/bedroom scene. This movie was definitely a movie for adults only (so don’t even think about watching it kids!)


So, do you still prefer flower boys? Hehe

Who are your favorite ahjussis or are you more of a flower boy kind of  person? I’d love to hear who your favorites are and why. I’ll dedicate a separate future post to my favorite female actresses.