One More Happy Ending Kdrama Series Review

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Title: One More Happy Ending
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Quick Synopsis: Han Mi Mo, Go Dong Mi, Baek Da Jung and Hong Ae Ran are four close friends that are also four of the former members of the idol group Angels. Han Mi Mo is a divorcée who longs for everlasting love. She also runs a match-making service for other divorcé(e)s. Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyoung Ho) is a single father and Mi Mo’s neighbour. After a drunken night, things begin to get interesting and a little complicated…

One More Happy Ending… It’s a guarantee, right?

Why do we watch romantic comedies? Think about it for a moment. This may vary slightly from person to person, but I know why I watch them. Yes, sometimes I really need something light-hearted where I can have a good laugh… but in dramaland “rom coms” can still take dramatic turns. So what is the real reason? The Happy Ending, of course. Even if a rom com has illness, amnesia, broken hearts, separations, misunderstandings, deception, birth secrets and so forth… it’s pretty safe to assume, if it was labelled a rom com, it will end on a happy note.

Here’s another rom com, one that’s sure to end on a high note simply because of the title right? So let’s take a closer look at this Happy Ending drama and discover (or rediscover) all the marvellous feels.

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Fated to Love You (Korean version) Episode 5-6 Thoughts


Another week of Fated to Love You has come and gone. Episode 5 was pretty much what I had expected. I knew we were going to see the not so nice side of Lee Gun since he believes that Mi Young was involved in the whole drugging incident. I do have to say though, he did redeem himself nicely in episode 6. Episode 6 was probably my favorite episode so far, or tied with episode 2. So far, it’s been pretty impossible for me to stay mad at Gun, because he can be so sweet.

I mentioned this on twitter briefly:

I feel like Mi Young has a hold on Lee Gun. He is really drawn to her sweetness and she seems to calm him down greatly. He can’t seem to stay mad at her. I feel like they are Kindred Spirits, even though they have some very obviously different character traits. At their core, they are both very loving and giving. Even though Lee Gun is in love with Se Ra, I feel as though there is an invisible string connecting Lee Gun and Mi Young’s hearts. When Mi Young speaks in her meek, honest, selfless way, it tugs on Gun’s heart. It’s not so much strong romantic feelings right now, but I can see it slowly developing. I like that it’s not based on looks or status. What he’s attracted to is her pure, selfless Soul – her as a person.

Now, who knows, he may flip-flop back and forth from this point on, I’m not sure. But what I do know, is there is definitely chemistry and a connection there.

Episode 6 has so many great cute/sweet moments. I loved how they made reference to Jang Hyuk’s TJ – back in the day when he did the Project where he rapped. I never get sick of these references to his previous works. It makes me so glad I watched tones of his other stuff before this drama. I would have still enjoyed it, but as a huge fan, it makes it that much more enjoyable.

Fated to Love You (Korean version) Episode 3-4 Thoughts


This drama is great. I love a good romantic comedy. It’s funny, with colorful characters, but the characters are also infused with humanity. As over the top as they may be at times, I feel like I can sympathize and relate to them.


**Contains Episode Spoilers**

Mi Young continues to be one of my favorite characters. She reminds me a little too much of myself in how she’s always thinking about others and how they feel rather than herself. I really understand why she is like this and feel her intentions are so pure, and that she can’t help but be this way. She’s not doing it to impress anyone – it’s in her nature.

Lee Gun is our star. You can’t help but be pulled into his ridiculousness and swoon at this gentleness when he shows how caring he is. In these episodes I really feel he’s been “sucked in” by Mi Young. Her unselfish nature has really seemed to affect him. Unfortunately he’s a super paranoid person, so he’s convinced himself it’s all an act, so I expect we’ll see a lot of melodramatics from him in the episodes to come.

My favorite Lee Gun moments in Episodes 3 and 4 were as follows:

His reaction to seeing the Lawyer


When he thinks he sees Mi Young

fated to love you lee gunfatedtoloveyou3

His gentle side in the storage Room


Lee Gun stops Mi Young from getting an abortion


His honest proposal


His bizarre fear of snails


So, what do I expect will happen next? At first I was worried that Lee Gun would turn super mean, but Drama Fan had a good point that he’ll more likely throw his temper tantrums rather than actually do something to really upset us. I’ll be observing closely how he treats Mi Young in the episodes to come now that he thinks her kindness is all an act and that she was in on the whole drugging thing.

I’m guessing we’ll see a lot more of Daniel now and that his relationship with Mi Young will start to deepen. I’m curious if she’ll start having feelings for him, or if it’ll be more like he’s a nice person, but no chemistry.

When will Se Ra return and will she be a jealous mess, or will Lee Gun hide the marriage from her?

Please no spoilers if you have seen the Taiwanese version. Plus, the events may not follow the same way anyway.

Episode 3 and 4 rating: 4.8/5

Truly enjoying this!

Fated to Love You (Kdrama) Fan Art by Zhaoul


Hello! I still have to form together my thoughts of episode 3 and 4 of Fated to Love you. In the meantime, I wanted to draw some more fan art. I will say, I really liked the last two episodes. Lee Gun has been a bit of a roller coaster, but that doesn’t surprise me by any means. His core person is someone I really like, so I do hope that we see more of that in between his paranoid freak-outs.

Mi Young is still extremely likable. I still can’t get past how genuine she is; which is ironic because Lee Gun seems to think she’s this master manipulator now.

That’s all I’ll say for now.

Fated to love you Ep 1 – Thoughts and discussion

Drama Fan is someone you would want to sit with and discuss Dramas with over coffee. Check out her spoiler free review on the Korean Version of “Fated to Love You” episode 1. She’s also included a link to other spoiler free “Fated to Love You” reviews for those that are looking for more.

Stuck on Hyuk

You have no idea the happiness I feel, as a Jang Hyuk fan, to be able to watch a drama with him, live, and to be enjoying it

One of the exciting aspects of watching live is to be able to interact with others, spazz, speculate, dissect, fangirl, drool, anticipate next episodes together, etc! There are many places where one can do that Soompi and Dramabeans being among the most popular. However, since this is a remake of a very popular taiwanese drama of the same name, it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid spoilers and comparisons to the original taiwanese version. People do their best to use spoiler tags but there is always someone who forgets and throws a big BOMB to those who are watching this version first lol. So here is the idea we came up with for those who would like to share this experience without spoilers and comparisons.


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