Baek Hee Has Returned Quick look (Teaser 2)


I completely forgot about this upcoming short series, but thankfully I was reminded just in the nick of time since it airs tomorrow.

Here’s Teaser 2

Quick Synopsis: Yang Baek Hee (played by Gang Ye Won) has changed her identity and returns to the Island of Sumwol after having left 18 years ago, dun dun dun.

The drama has been labeled as a comedy, family-drama. I really don’t know if there will be an element of romance. I wish I knew more, but it really does look funny.

Why I want to watch

For me, it’s Kim Sung Oh. I would have maybe overlooked this mini drama otherwise. He’s an actor I really enjoy watching in both serious and comedic roles, whether it be leading man role or a secondary character. He’s very talented and I want to watch him in this.

It’s only 4 episodes, so how can we go wrong? I’m starting to appreciate short series’ like this more and more; especially while in-between dramas. It’s like a quick drama fix without any major time commitment.

Screencaps from the 2nd Teaser

Baek Hee Has Returned airs Monday – Tuesdays beginning June 6th and is 4 episodes long. It will be followed by Beautitul Mind (woohoo for that one too!).

Is this something you’ll be checking out as well? Who are you most excited to watch in this short drama? The entire cast looks pretty good, although I’m less familiar with them.

6 thoughts on “Baek Hee Has Returned Quick look (Teaser 2)

  1. I’m almost scared to watch the trailer. I think that’s where The Entertainer lost its potential audience. The trailer offered one thing but the show delivered something else. The show has been enjoyable but it has none of the manic outrageous hilarity that the trailer promised Ji Sung would have.

    Plus, I’m so weird. If you tell me a show is “this”, then I’ll miss what’s actually going on because I’m still waiting for “that”. Oftentimes it’s not until much later, if I have a chance to rewatch a movie that I was misled on, that I’ll come to appreciate it.

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    1. Ya, that’s a really good point. We can’t get too invested in teasers because they can be very deceiving. The short teasers to Bubblegum were like that. They made the drama look very light and fluffy while in reality it had many melo feels. The extended trailer to Bubblegum was more accurate though and showed the more serious side of the drama.


      1. I HATED Bubblegum for that! It was difficult to finish. Mostly I watch kdrama for the romcoms. Nobody does them better. If I do watch a full on melo,I want to know is melo going in. (And not the comedies that pull the ol’ switcheroo half way through) Even the name “bubblegum” sounded light and fluffy. But I guess they knew what they were doing since they knew they were going to pop that feel-good bubble.

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      2. I’m usually OK with melodrama-romcoms if it makes sense and flows well. Sometimes it like 2 separate dramas and they couldn’t make up their mind.


      3. I do appreciate that Koreans have a certain outlook in life that combines the jovial and sad. I’m okay with some doses of illness/accidents in my romcoms because things do happen in life and their shows don’t pretend everything’s perfect. They blend in those moments well to drive the story or romance along. But when it goes total dark tear jerker after being promoted as light fluff and hilarious up to, and sometimes beyond, the halfway point, I get pissed off. The perfect example of this (although not a drama series) is the movie Windstruck with Giana Gun and Jang Hyuk. I’m mad all over again just thinking about that one. Crap!

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      4. I know what u mean. Windstruck was insane…. One half rom com and then that!!!!! I was crying so much. I was totally fooled. I really thought it was a rom com.. But the wind?!


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