Bubblegum Kdrama Episode 15-16 Quick Thoughts

Park Ri Hwan and Kim Haeng Ah Episode 16 Bubblegum car scene

It’s over. It’s sad but I’m very satisfied with the series as a whole.

Episode 15

It was a bit slow, but was sprinkled with delight. With the angst of earlier episodes in the past, there weren’t very many loose ends left to resolve (at least not with our main pair). We get to see them happy, but also with their cute bickering (as Ri Hwan strives to receive affection but gets the stop light from Haeng Ah who wants him to ease up on the PTA).

The birthday party for mom was lovely and very sweet (with a hint of sadness since they all know her illness continues to progress but kudos to them for creating all these lovely memories despite that).

Episode 16

Episode 16 had some really funny and cute scenes. It also really solidified the shows message.

Our Bubblegum couple really seem like a natural couple. They bicker, they flirt; it’s very real and super entertaining to watch. I liked the scene where Ri Hwan doesn’t have the heart to tell Haeng Ah she can’t cook but finally does. Then she lets him know she’s tired of him singing to her every night. I think they are at a real advantage knowing each other so well. It doesn’t mean their relationship will be perfect, but it goes beyond romantic feelings and they have a deep understanding of each other.

The car scene where Haeng Ah was practicing driving was also pretty cool. Ri Hwan looked terrified, haha. Although, I thought he should cool his yelling a bit, I loved how they didn’t hold their interaction against each other.

Full series review to follow.

Episode 15-16 Quick Review:

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