Bubblegum Kdrama Episode 13-14 Quick Thoughts

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What’s this? How did this happen? We are already in our final week of Bubblegum. It flew by so quickly.

Episodes 13-14 were of course quite exciting because *SPOILER* they were the much anticipated bubbly couple reunion.

Episode 13

Ri Hwan still needs some convincing in Episode 13. He’s trying to continue the façade and keep his distance from Haeng Ah. Ri Hwan is so transparent though; he can’t help it. In the hospital he really attempts to stand firm but as soon as he sees blood, his protective instincts take over and he immediately swoops over to Haeng Ah to cover her eyes and make sure she is okay. Haeng Ah is fine. She’s gotten over her phobia (yay Haeng Ah!)

Then they go in to see the Doctor. Thank you Doctor! This is what I was hoping would happen. The Doctor warns Ri Hwan he’s heading down the road of depression the way he’s carrying on and he tells Haeng Ah she blames herself for everything. They have quite the intense interaction about who is to blame in this situation. Haeng Ah defends Ri Hwan’s Mother but in the end the Doctor helps her realize that his mom was wrong and it’s not her fault. Ri Hwan was so still in the whole scene. He showed zero emotion. I kept looking at him to see if any hints of emotions were showing through but he tried very hard not to show how he was feeling.

By the end of Episode 13, Ri Hwan finally stops being stubborn and gives in to his need to be with Haeng Ah. The episode ends in a very sweet way with Ri Hwan kissing Haeng Ah’s forehead on the bus.

It was a good episode, but the cream of the crop in terms of cuteness and fluffiness has to be Episode 14.

Episode 14

The sunshine and rainbows have returned!!! We also get a bit of sexiness mixed in as well. So finally, Ri Hwan drops the act and comes back to Haeng Ah. They don’t waste any time in Episode 14 with the romance. The episode starts off where we left off on the bus. Then when they arrive near Haeng Ah’s apartment building, she tells him to go, but he really doesn’t want to go and holds on to her hand. Finally he says he’ll walk her to her door, which he does; but even then he doesn’t want to go. Both their eyes look super intense and sexy in this scene. You can sense from both of them they they really want to embrace.

We don’t get a full bed scene, but we all know what happens. There is some very nice kissing, but their cute chemistry also shines through as Ri Hwan struggles to remove Haeng Ah’s shoes.

There are so many other wonderful couple moments in the episode. There’s the beach scene, the telephone conversation, the convenient store, the serenade, the flash back to the original beach scene with the back hug. There’s just so much love. The episode has that nice light-hearted feel.

I really loved Episode 13-14. We really needed it after all the intense previous episodes (which were also awesome by the way, but it was time for them to kiss and make-up). It’s just so sad the drama is almost over. I’ve been finding it very enjoyable. I will miss the show as a whole and I will also really miss our leading pair.

Episode 13-14 Quick Rating

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