Bubblegum Kdrama Episode 11-12 Quick Thoughts


Super solid week of Bubblegum last week. I’m not sure if my opinion is the general consensus but I thought we had two fantastic episodes.

Episode 11

This episode was all flashback, and although I missed our main characters, I’m really enjoying seeing their younger selves shine. The really young Ri Hwan and Haeng A were so cute and had some fantastic and hilarious segments. I really like the cute comical moments, especially the one where they are going around asking everyone how babies are made.

The teenage versions were equally good. These young actor’s really shined. The moment when Haeng A is leaving in the bus and Ri Hwan stands there not even wanting to look up at her was my favorite moment in the episode. I thought this moment was so Ri Hwan. He’s so hurt he can’t look up, but when the bus leaves all of the sudden Ri Hwan starts chasing the bus without an ounce of  hesitation. That’s very very true to Ri Hwan’s character and echoed his older self.

I also didn’t realize that if it wasn’t for Ri Hwan Haeng A wouldn’t have come back.

I was pretty upset with his mom in this episode. Although I get the terrible pain she was in, I did not agree with her actions.

We can really see how much Ri Hwan and Haeng A care about each other. It was so cute how we see them as little ones asleep on the bed, and then again when they are a bit older. Mom of course freaks out. 

Episode 12

We’re seeing hope now that our couple will get back together. Although Ri Hwan is still being stubborn, what’s really encouraging in this episode is the change occurring within Haeng A. Really, for the most part Ri Hwan had been the one who has been very transparent and open with his feelings. But now Haeng A has fully admitted to herself how much she cares about and wants Ri Hwan. Almost more important than this, she’s started picking up the shattered pieces and is taking better care of herself, which although he doesn’t say it, I’m sure makes Ri Hwan feel very comforted. She’s going to see the doctor finally, overcoming her fears, taking her medicine, getting her driver’s license etc. She’s in pain, but she knows she has to stay strong… that when she doesn’t look after herself it makes Ri Hwan worry.

The final segment of the episode was glorious and so artistic. It shows them going through the daily motions, obviously both sad to be apart, but it also shows them doing so in a pretty much identical fashion.

The drama has stayed strong throughout. I don’t mind that they didn’t make up last week. I figured they wouldn’t but now it’s time for them to get back together.

Onward to Episode 13! (I’m starting to get sad that this will be over soon…)

Episode 11-12 quick rating:

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