5 Things I like about Lee Dong Wook


A couple months ago if you had asked me what I thought of Korean Actor Lee Dong Wook, I probably would have said “Meh, I dunno. Haven’t seen him in much and don’t really have an opinion”. Well, boy did that change. After finally watching the Kdrama “Scent of a Woman” I decided to board the crazy train and go down a very interesting and fulfilling journey discovering Lee Dong Wook’s projects. I’m still in the process of doing so, therefore I’m going to keep this short as more of a teaser post.

Now I’m not going to pretend to claim that all of his works are masterpieces, but I did find some marvelous ones I really enjoy. I plan to review quite a few of them, so I won’t blab on about specifics, but will give you a few reasons I’ve come to love and respect this actor in a short period of time.

5) He’s really quite funny


I’m as much of a Reality TV viewer as I am a drama and movie buff. In two season’s of the show Roommates, we get to watch Lee Dong Wook live with a bunch of other celebrities. What did I learn? He’s got quite a good sense of humor and is really charming. His quick wit made me adore him even more than I already did.

4) Mr. Smiles


He has a smile that lights up the room. Big and bright.

3) He’s got sexy lips and one insane hot body


Need I say more? I mean really?

2) Pucker up – Kissy Kissy!


Ooooooh those lips.. In his kissing scenes, He makes this “Come hither” look and knows how to lip lock in a way that makes you start to daydream. His eyes go intense and he’s not afraid of showing some lip action.

1) Very good at melodrama


I love a good melodrama because even though the story lines can be completely absurd, with some good acting I can get utterly lost in it. Although not everyone would agree with me, I think Lee Dong Wook in Hotel King is brilliant. I’m currently still watching this, and his pained, often robotic character is easy to get lost in. If you doubt his acting in this drama, watch it simultaneously with “Roommate” and see how different he is in the two.


What do you think of Lee Dong Wook? If you like him, what else do you like about him? Love to hear your thoughts.

20 thoughts on “5 Things I like about Lee Dong Wook

    1. Hehe. I’m so hopeless… It is pretty funny how my obsessions develop and progress. I’m almost done Hotel King. It’s soooooo good. Honestly, I’ve been really enjoying it. LDW and LDH are pure magic together. They have real couple chemistry which is rare to see in Kdrama. It seems so natural. But they aren’t the only good thing about the drama. Lee Joong Goo and Director Baek’s acting is truly amazing. I don’t mind that the story is overly dramatic. I feel that the acting is well done so it makes everything seem plausible.

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      1. Yah, told you 😉
        Honestly Dong-Hae amazing and steamy chemistry and the cast’s acting is what made “Hotel King” that worthy watching drama for me ^^
        And have to say that your watching actually made me re-watch some of my favorite scenes from it (YET AGAIN) 🙂

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      2. They are so many fantastic rewatchable scenes. I watched many scenes over 🙂 and guess what? I just finished it!!! Yay, I’m so happy! I think it was really good. The episodes went quickly too.


  1. I really like Lee Dong Wook. The first thing I saw him in was Blade Man and he was hilarious. The first 2/3 of the drama was pretty decent and unique, but even with the latter part dragging it was a fabulous introduction to Lee Dong Wook. He was great in the mini drama Kang Goo’s Story too. I’m super excited for Bubblegum though!

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    1. I have Kang Goo’s Story on my list. I do hope to get to it soon. I heard it was pretty good. I really do want to watch Blade Man for LDW, I just hope I don’t get bored with it 3/4 of the way through. I did technically start it, and likes what i saw so far, but i barely startes it. Right now what I’ve seen him in is Partner, My Girl, Hanoi’s bride, Wild Romance, Scent of a Woman and I’m almost done Hotel King. I plan on keeping going until I run out of things to watch him in. Oooooh, and I’m still working my way through Roommate.


  2. LOL your third point, I totally agree with! You know, I haven’t finished anything with Lee Dong Wook in it *shame*, but it’s not because of him! Blade Man was…interesting but I put it on hold and never got back to it. BUT I really, really want to see La Dolce Vita though! Have you seen that one?

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    1. Not yet but I think it’s the drama I will watch next 🙂 I’ve been avoiding blademan cause I know it started well but went way off track, but I do still plan to watch it (or try).


  3. I am sure that this post was dedicated to me as his uber fan. Hehe. Because of him i tuned into the reality show..Roommate. hmmm being on the show just just solidified DW. Like how can you not like him after seeing a glimpse of who he is in real life. Ahh. Hehe. I cannot wait to see Bubblegum. Hmm such a treat.

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    1. I wrote it just for you! 😉 hehe! I agree… He’s been such a joy to watch on Roommate and it’s made me appreciate him so much more. I really hope Bubblegum is good. The premise sounds a little different so it should be interesting hopefully 🙂

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