Midas Kdrama Review – The hand of Midas; is it a blessing or a curse?

Midas Kdrama Jang Hyuk

Greed. Lonelesss. Love. Ambition. Dysfunctional family. Rock Bottom.

These are words that all come to mind when thinking about the Kdrama Midas. So what is this drama really about? Here are some definitions to help:

Midas: (Greek legend) the greedy king of Phrygia who Dionysus gave the power to turn everything he touched into gold

Midas Touch: an ability to make and manage large amounts of money

midas kdrama

Synopsis: Kim Do-hyun (Jang Hyuk) is a very smart, ambitious person who just finished law school. As he begins his job search, he’s made an offer he cannot refuse which ends up changing his life.. But is this a good thing?


You could say that Do Hyun has the Midas touch. He is smart and can easily make money. But like the King of Phrygia in the legend, he is overcome by greed. With endless possibilities of personal gain, he sacrifices his own soul.


I liked this drama. It was the first business drama I’ve seen. Now, I’m not really interested in money, or the stock market. I could have really found this drama boring. But it wasn’t boring. It was interesting. I think it’s the actors that made the drama so easy to watch. It had a very well rounded cast. There was also such an eclectic mix of characters.

midas kdrama Jang Hyuk

**The Spoiler Section**

Do Hyun’s decision to become rich at any cost, causes him to lose his fiancee. As he continues on his path leading to greatness, he’s blind-sided and stabbed fiercely in the back (figuratively speaking). It’s only at his lowest point, that he starts to question his decisions and tries to climb his way back up from a deep abyss. As he attempts to climb back up, he hopes to drag down the ones who caused his fall.

Although Do Hyun’s destruction is painful to watch, it was a lesson he needed to learn and it helped him snap out of his unknowing downward spiral. I don’t think he ever would have realized the errors of his ways if he hadn’t lost everything. Often in life (as demonstrated in this drama) we have to fall hard to learn a lesson. It’s when we hit rock bottom that we can finally reflect, admit our wrong and overcome our mistakes and rectify them.


Sometimes too in life, we see people we love go down the wrong path. Often we are helpless in these types of situations. We can try to warn them, we can show them love, we can write them off, but really, no matter what we do, they have to figure it out for themselves. This is unfortunately the position of Do Hyun’s fiancee. As his desire for money and riches deepens, they start to drift further and further apart.


Because I really don’t care about being rich, many of the selfish characters were very frustrating, but there are also characters with a lot of heart. I especially liked Jung-Yeon’s father. Even the character’s a didn’t like kept me entertained. There was something very hilarious about the goofy-money-hungry-brothers Sung-Joon and Ki-Joon.

There were even times I couldn’t stand Do Hyun, but then I realized he was being blinded by greed. I don’t think he was ever evil to start. Selfish.. and money hungry? Yes, at times, but really, he’s a good man.


Final thoughts: Good drama that makes you think. It has romance, but not in the typical Kdrama format. They’re already together, then run into obstacles which question the strength of their relationship. Very thought provoking. I like dramas which force me to reflect.

My rating: 3.8/5

24 thoughts on “Midas Kdrama Review – The hand of Midas; is it a blessing or a curse?

  1. oh yes, b4 i forget, i am in the process of watching Midas now… i am just in the 4th episode. i heard lots of negative remarks abt this drama, but when i watch it myself, i find no fault with this drama, its a good drama, and i am enjoying every moments of it while having lots of eye candy with Jang Hyuk…

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  2. Wooow!!! I lurve this blog that “shares” the same man as me…..JANG HYUK!!!
    I actually paid no notice to him except that he is just the best friend of my “then” beloved man Kim Jong Kook…. but ever since I watched Fated To Love You, I literally fell in love devotedly to Jang Hyuk @ Goni “dumped” Kim Jong Kook!!! ;-p
    His acting, his expressive eyes, his chiselled face looks, his sculptured body, his gestures, his moves, his kisses, his bed scenes are all so captivating to me and made me to love him more and more each day… I started to search for all his dramas, movies and even variety like Family Outing, Running Man, Healing Camp, Real Men, The knee-drop Guru and Win-Win in which he starred in… and hence had never stopped and still searching, though… i also look into his interviews, his snapshots and his movie previews…
    I also look forward to his upcoming movies, dramas and even CFs…
    in FTLY, i had even memorised the good, touching and funny moments episodes in which i will keep watching it repeatatively if I “miss” Goni in one way or another…
    I will watch Real Man, if i miss the real Jang Hyuk..and after watching some of his stunts in all the above mentioned shots, I noticed some things about my beloved Jang Hyuk…(u can add in more if i miss something here and there, though)
    first and foremost, i noticed that he is a very soft spoken man, a totally different man from Goni who had the prominent laugh(tat made me laughed everytime i heard or saw him laughed at that drama), very polite man that always had the honourific speech with everyone he met(except for his dragon brothers namely Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun), had a hidden sense of humour that only certain people(like us his die-hard fans hahahaha), his friends or his close acquaintances will understand and laughed at his deep comical side of him…
    Somehow or rather, sometimes i felt that he had the same characteristics like Kim Jong Kook, only that he is the nicer and milder version…(and that puts an end to my wonder why he can be so close to Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun)
    Why did i say so?? because in one of his variety “Happy Together”, he was the guest with fellow Chuno stars Lee Da Hae and Oh Jiho.. and they said that JH so-called “taught” the martial arts director some of the moves he wanted, not only that he also taught other actors as extras the moves he wanted, this created laughs from the hosts and staff in “Happy Together”
    When i look at that, i start to make comparisons with KJK, he also had this tendency to do that, for example when Park Jisung was the guest, kjk was like trying to teach him football but stopped when he was stopped sarcasticly by Jae Suk, and when the baseball player Ryu came as guests, kjk also tried to teach him about baseball too.. so i think with the same character and same thinking in hand, tat was the reason he is close to kjk…
    there are still many things about Jang Hyuk tat i want to conclude upon my virtual “stalking” and “investigations” about JH.. but let me stop here first and see if there is any good response from u guys who shared the same thinking like me…
    till then don stop writing about our favourite man JANG HYUK!!! *fighting*

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  3. Recently watched this again. It’s a good, what I call, ‘repentance’ drama. I’m glad Do Hyun learned his lesson. Stocks and bonds can only be so fascinating. I agree about the well-rounded cast. They kept things moving. I really fell for No Min Woo’s pretty boy character this time around. He was a party boy in the beginning, but he was just masking his pain. I like the life changes he made before the end. And also love Do Hyun’s brother played by Kim Sung Oh. Those caramel eyes, boy. I think he was sexy in his scruffy way. I just wanted to get him to the barber shop though! I thought his relationship with the rich daughter turned out funny, to the point where you see she married him at the end. I guess he got his coffee shop too. lol.


    1. Kim Sung Oh is an interesting actor and has a very unique look. He’s kind of good and kind of attractive with puppy dog eyes. A repentance drama is a good way to put it.


  4. Do Hyun is not my favorite Jang Hyuk character but I thought this drama was well written. I didn’t get bored watching it at all. It was very intriguing and interesting.


      1. I know lol. Omo… I’m rewatching Searching for the Elephant and forgot we get to see part of his bare bottom lol. I almost fell off the couch. **whispers to DramaFan : is this one of those things I’m supposed to keep to myself?**


    1. I agree, he wasn’t my favorite either. But he was interesting. I found Jang Hyuk’s character Go-ni in ‘Tazza’ like a less sophisticated, street wise version of Do Hyun. Even though he was a somewhat crass gambler, I think I liked him better.


      1. Yeah because was not cold. He was actually too “hot” (pun intended) :p He was so devoted to his friends and loved ones (even if he failed his mom) and that made a huge difference, I think


      2. Yes. Goni was also way more emotional, but in both dramas the msg is similar. They both touch on greed although Tazza is even more fixated on revenge.


      3. I think in Tazza, Goni was more about not being able to control his impulses. He had the gambler bug and that combined with his good intentions got him entangled in that world. I’m glad at some point he realized that all of this was not about bad guys that wronged him but that he had responsibility in all of this. His friend got greedy and was more cerebral but more than money, he was all about the power that comes with money or rather, he didn’t want to feel weak and powerless again. I find both characters easy to understand. I have trouble with Do Hyun though because while not rich, he was already in a privileged position. His issues were not about survival. He was plain greedy and I can’t identify with that.


      4. Yes. There were some good quotes but I can’t remember them now. I think if I had to pick one drama, I liked Tazza better but Midas is good.


      5. But I feel like Jang Hyuk acts with a lot of the same actors over and over again. I’m sure this is true with a lot of actors though but I’m really noticing many of the same faces when I watch JH.


      6. Sometimes it’s because PDs like to work with the same teams but also, Jang Hyuk likes to recommend his friends. He recommended the actor who played MuHyul on TWDR, he had worked with him in Chuno. He recommended Lee Da Hae for Chuno after working in Robbers with her. He also recommended the actor who played Garion on TWDR and who he worked with in Midas


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