Windstruck Quick Review


First of all, romantic comedy? Yea right! They tricked me! This movie is not a romantic comedy. Here I thought, okay, I’m going to check out an older romantic comedy, this should be a light watch to pass two hours of my time. Well, I should have known better. The cover photo doesn’t exactly scream romantic comedy. Yes, there would comedic elements, but I would not call this a romantic comedy.


Sypnosis: Yeo Kyung-Jin (played by Gianna Jun) is a police officer who’s super tough. She tries to catch someone who steals a purse but grabs the wrong guy by mistake (Myung-Woo played by Jang Hyuk). They end up falling for each other and then .. well… spoilers happen.

So the first half is pretty funny and light hearted, with a few more serious scenes in it where there’s foreshadowing of later events.

Favorite moments


Their were four moments in this movie I thought were really great. The first one was when they are handcuffed together and they are trying to freshen up in the bathroom. It’s a super cute scene and I really liked it. It also set up the stage to believe that yes, these two are going to like each other, or are starting to like each other.


The second moment I really liked was when they were laying down each on a separate bed with their handcuffs on. Then at the end of these scene she slips her hand out, and then puts it right back in the handcuff. I was like “What!!”. It was pretty funny. Caught me off guard.



Now, this was obviously a clue to what was about to transpire; Myung-Woo (Jang Hyuk) talks about how when he dies he wants to become the wind. I didn’t want to think of him dying, but I thought it was a beautiful moment. He looked very blissful with his arms stretched out wide and I thought “Ya, being wind wouldn’t be so bad”. It’s also a pretty romantic notion that you are always with your loved one even if they can’t see you, they can sense and feel your presence.


The last scene I enjoyed (and had me bawling uncontrollably by the way) was when the wind is fiercely blowing through her apartment and then he shows up. I don’t know why I got so emotional with this movie. Honestly, I thought this movie could have been so much better. I’ll explain why in a moment. But it was so strange, that I didn’t really like it, but I was an emotional wreck watching it. I think it’s because the cast did well.



1) Pick a genre, any genre and stick with it. This movie was inconsistent.

2) Lack of character and script development

I wanted to know more about Myung-Woo. What was his upbringing like? What did he love about her? What did she love about him? We know about her twin sister that passed away but I feel like we didn’t get to know Ko Myung-Woo enough. He died before they really established his character. I’m not speaking poorly of his acting (Jang Hyuk is my favorite actor, I wouldn’t criticize him, I love him!). I just felt the whole thing was too rushed. Like maybe this would have made a really good tragic drama series rather than a movie. They were too many holes for me to fully enjoy it.


3) Really.. So dramatic and no kissing?

Oh common! Now that was just too cruel. He goes to kiss her and she burns his lip? I admit, it was kind of funny, but if you are going to show such a strong connection between them despite death, then you need to convince and show us some of their love an physical attraction. I bet you she regretted not kissing him afterward though. I know I would.


Final thoughts

It’s not a bad movie but it could have been better. The concept was interesting, and sad but the script just didn’t tie it all together for me in a way that I was satisfied. There were some really good scenes though so I do think it’s worth checking out. I thought Ko Myung-Woo was funny and cute. It was neat watching Jang Hyuk in a bit of a goofy role.  The two of them were cute together, but it they should have developed this relationship more before killing him off.

My rating 2.5/5

22 thoughts on “Windstruck Quick Review

  1. Finally watched it. the dvd was sitting in the drawer for 2 months. Pardon the pub, i was struck. Like you, i bawled at the same scene, when the wind was blowing through and he appeared. Cldnt understand why either. 3/4 of the movie through i thought it wld just sizzle off but surprised it didnt. Script is simple, butchered in parts but Jang Hyuk and Gianna Yun pulled it through. Mind you, those were early days for both the leads but they did a fab job. I did laugh at the adaptation of Ghost but though it was corny/cheesy, it had a charm of its own. Between this and Please Teach Me English, i wld prefer the latter.

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  2. Thanks for the reply! I’m trying to catch up on Gianna Jun (Jeon Ji Hyun), but I think this is one movie I can skip! Korean movies tend to be a little tedious sometimes, I think its just the way too many Korean films are.


  3. This is the main problem I have with K-movies—they are very, very misleading. They start out or promote themselves as something light and fun but then, they turn out to be tragic….


  4. I can’t agree more, when it becomes to reviews, you are me and I am you 😛 You thought and articulated exactly what I thought. I liked it, but it could’ve been better, and I wouldn’t say I liked the movie that much, but it did somehow get into my heart and I loved the cast. And too bad you thought it was romantic comedy…you’ve been deceived! well, if you’re looking for a goofy romantic comedy by Jang Hyuk, Please Teach Me English is one and I assure you there’s no death in there 😛 This one, actually, Jang Hyuk has been deceived by the director…he thought it’s gonna be an action movie, and only after he decided to do this work he realized it was a romantic comedy! lol


      1. I’m on episode 6 of Midas. My boyfriend to my surprise sat and watched 2 episodes with me. He thinks jang hyuk’s character is really cold. He couldn’t get over his blank stare. He says he looks like a murderer. That’s the first time he’s sat and watched with me. I showed him your daegil MV after that and he thought it was cool


      2. hmm was he that cold? I should rewatch Midas. But that means JangHyuk is really good, cuz most of his other characters are always on the ‘hot’ side, very emotional and intense. I’m glad he liked my MV 😛


      3. I don’t think he’s that cold but he is driven by money and success. You can tell he’s always thinking but not always saying much. Do far I like it. It’s interesting and different.


      4. And he is really good. He’s completely different. My bf was surprised it was the same person. I said “see. It’s cause he’s an awesome actor”


  5. I agree with you about this movie. I loved the actors, the couple, I felt it, I laughed at the funny scenes, was touched at emotional scenes, loved the pinky connection, loved the OST, got annoyed at the lack of kissing and also felt like, they could’ve told us more somehow. The change of comedy to tragedy was also sudden.


      1. Oh you started Midas? are you liking it? I feel that character was so stoic I missed my emotional Jang Hyuk. The Client is interesting. His purposely ambiguous performance is really a testament to his acting ability, his great range. There is a plot twist that bugged me because it wasn’t the most original but still, the movie keeps you intrigued.


      2. I like Midas. I think it’s interesting. I’m watching him carefully and analysing him. I’ll let u know more what I think when I get deeper into the story and character.


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