Ahjussis madness continues

favorite ahjussis

I’ve broken up my favorite ahjussis into separate tabs so your can admire your favorite. Click the link below for my thoughts of each individual ahjusshi.

#5 Hyun Bin


#4 So Ji-Sub


#3 Vanness Wu


#2 Gong Yoo


#1 Jang Hyuk


15 thoughts on “Ahjussis madness continues

    1. I don’t really consider him an ahjussi. Oppa maybe? He might be included in one of my future posts. My next top 5 list will be Korean actresses.


      1. Lol. My boyfriend was laughing at me last night when he saw all the shirtless pictures and kissing pictures I was adding to my post. They’re distracting me too.


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